A. Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes of:
1st – 90 seconds: 8 Floor Chest Press
2nd – 90 seconds: 8 Barbell Bent Over Rows, underhand grip.
*Increase loads for each set. Compare to 03/26/19.

B. Every minute for 25 minutes complete the allotted time for the following:
1st minute: Handstand Hold, 45 seconds, use the wall or freestanding
2nd minute: High Step-ups x 10 (30"/24"), 5 per side
3rd minute: Strict Knees to Elbows x 8 reps
4th minute: Hip Extensions x 15 reps
5th minute: Hollow body Hold x 45 seconds
*Compare to 07/20/18.

Post loads for part A and completion for part B to Members area.


"Legs #14"

1) Sissy Squats @ tempo 5200. 5 sets of 25 reps.
Straight Leg Deadlifts. 5 sets of 25 reps.
3-minute rests.

2) Side Lunges onto a 12" surface. 5 sets of 10 reps per leg.
Weighted Hyperextensions. 5 sets of 20 reps.
3-minute rests.

Post loads (where applicable) to Members area.

Matt Larsen.

Matt Larsen.