A. One minute ON and one minute OFF for 10 minutes: Push Press x 5 repetitions @ 50% of bodyweight.

Bar must be in front rack position before the call of "GO". Must hold the barbell in the front rack position until the minute is up. Then rest the next minute. Penalty for picking the bar up late or setting it down early is to hold the bottom of the air squat for your rest minute.
●compare to 04/18/18.

B. 5 x 3-minute rounds for total reps, 1-minute rest between each 3-minute round:
5 per Arm – DB Thrusters (LTBD)
7 Toes to DB

Post load for part A and total reps/loads for part B to Members area.


“Arms & Abs #1”

1) 5-minutes of Roman Chair Sit-ups
2) 5 sets, not for time, of the following:
Standing BB Bicep Curls x 8 reps
Skull crushers x 6 reps
Alternating DB Curls x 4 per arm
Triceps Kickbacks x 4 per arm
Strict Knees to Elbows x 10 reps
Strict Toes to Barbell x 10 reps
Crunches x 40 reps
Flutter kicks, 4ct. x 20 reps
*3-minute rests after each giant set.

Post loads to Members area. Compare to 04/26/19.

The 5PM CrossFit Class, Wednesday, May 29th.

The 5PM CrossFit Class, Wednesday, May 29th.