Thanks to EVERYONE that could attend our Murph Challenge on Saturday!!! We had an awesome turn out of 47 athletes. We appreciate the delicious food for our potluck and the beverages. We hope to see you at more of our events, including our TORCH Ruck Club of CrossFit Frederick rucks and PT rucks. Check out our social club at Check out CrossFit Frederick on Facebook (@crossfitfrederick), Instagram (@crossfitfrederick) and Twitter (@cffrederickmd).


Every minute for 15 Minutes:
1st Minute: 10 Hang Power Snatch (LTBD)
2nd Minute: 8 Toes to Bar
3rd Minute: Dead Hang from pull-up bar, 45 seconds
(penalty for dropping from the bar, 1-4ct. mountain climber, then back on the bar)

-Rest for 3 minutes and change out weight-

Every minute for 15 Minutes
1st Minute: 5 Hang Power Cleans (LTBD)
2nd Minute: 10 Burpee over Barbell
3rd Minute: Plank Hold for 45 seconds

Post loads and completion to Members Area or comments. Compare to 06/30/18.

The Murph Challenge 2019.

The Murph Challenge 2019.