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A. 100 Box Jumps for time, every minute do 5 Push-ups.
*Compare to 3/4/14.

B. Deadlift 3RM.
12 minute to find 3 rep max load.
*Compare to 7/24/18.

C. Strength 101: “Shoulders”
5 sets. 3-minute rests.
Arnold Press x 12, increase loads.
Side Lateral Raise x 8, increase loads.
Upright Row x 8, increase loads.
Behind the Neck Press x 10, increase loads.
Bent Over Lateral Raise x 10, increase loads.
Front Dumbbell Raise x 12, alternate arms.
Shrugs x 20, increase loads.
*Compare to 7/19/18.

Post time for part A, load for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.