A. For time:
Buy-in: 3 Wall Walk-ups
5 rounds of:
6 Slamball Get-ups (50#/25#)
10 Slamball Squat Cleans
10 Slamball Push-Press
12 Slamball Walking Lunges
14 Push-ups w/hand on the Slamball…when done 5 rounds do:
Cash-out: 6 Wall Walk Ups
*Compare to 2/6/18. Time cap: 25 minutes

B. Strength 101:

1) 8 intervals of 20 seconds ON followed by 10 seconds off, of the following with an empty barbell:
Back Squats
*Alternate between the two exercises at each call of “go”.

2) Back Squat 3 x max reps @ bodyweight.
*No more than a 2 second hold at the top of the squat, any longer terminates that set.
**Rest 3 minutes between efforts.

3) One attempt Max Hold at the bottom of the Back Squat with 50% of Bodyweight

*Compare to 10/2017.

Post time for part A and loads/reps for part B to Members Area or comments.