A. 9-15-21 reps for time:
Dumbbell Thrusters
Russian Kettlebell Swings
*Loads TBD. Compare to 8/11/16.

B. Kore Tabata
A Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 total sets. There will be a 1-minute break between exercises. 
The exercises:
Kettlebell Snatch, Left Arm (reps)
Kettlebell Press, Left Arm (reps)
Kettlebell Snatch, Right Arm (reps)
Kettlebell Press, Right Arm (reps)

C. Strength 101:
“Arms #1”
1) 5 supersets, rest 1 minute between sets:
Skull crushers x 10 reps, increase load
Barbell Curl x 10 reps, increase load
2) 3 sets of 21’s Bicep Curl, increase load, rest 1 minute between sets
3) 4 supersets, rest 1 minute between sets:
Alternating DB Curl x 12, increase load
Single DB, OH Tricep Extension x 12, increase load
4) Glutes: 100 Pelvic Thrusts
*Compare to 5/11/18.

Post time/loads for part A, load/total reps for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.