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A. 5 rounds, each for time with 2-minute rests between rounds. Complete 6 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Load stays the same.

Hang Clean
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Bent Over Row
Romanian Deadlift
*Source: Ferruggia Complex
*Compare to 2/9/17. Post loads for each round.

B. Every minute for 6 minutes:
1st minute: Max rep Unbroken Wall Ball Shots, 25lb/16lb
2nd minute: Max rep Tempo Handstand Push-ups
*Compare to 2/9/17. Post total reps for each minute.

C. Strength 101:
“Deck of Cards – More Abs!!!” for time:
Hearts: V-Ups
Diamonds: Alternating, Single-leg Jackknives
Spades: Superman Rocks
Clubs: Leg Levers with hip lift

Face Cards: 10-count
Ace Cards: 11-count
Numbered Cards: Face value
1st – Prone Plank hold 2 minutes
2nd – Supine Plank hold 2 minutes
*Compare to 3/16/18.

Post loads for part A, total reps for each exercise for part B and time for part C to Members Area or comments.