"Sweat + Sacrifice = Success" -unknown

"Sweat + Sacrifice = Success" -unknown


A. “Bear Meets Man”

Complete as many reps (complexes) as possible in 30 minutes, alternating between exercises every 3 minutes:

Minutes 0-3: Bear Complex (PC+FS+PP+BS+PP = 1 rep) – LTBD
Minutes 3-6: Man-Makers w/dumbbells (Push-up + Row + Push-up + Row + Push-up + DB Squat Clean + Thruster + Overhead Lunge Left + Overhead Lunge Right = 1 rep). Push-ups are done on the dumbbells. – LTBD

Repeat the above sequence until 30 minutes is up. Movements in the Bear Complex may not be combined. 
*Compare to 10/05/16.

B. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
Same as W.O.D. 

Post loads and reps to Members Area or comments. 


The TOP 10 Things you need to know...

The Eat & Exercise Challenge will start on February 13th. The deadline to register is February 7th!!!

The challenge is 8 weeks in length. 

Required by YOU, should you decide to join the FUN!!!

1. You must have your measurements done (bodyfat and inches) – by appointment only.
2. Before/after photos
    - Ladies wear shorts and a sports bra or a really fitted outfit (something I would wear   me, Amanda, not Dave!)
    - Men wear shorts.
3. Keep/turn-in a food journal each week.
4. Attend 3 WODs a week (minimum). Mobility does not count as a WOD (we need your sweating and breathing heavy). 
5. You will be required to Zone your meals 6 days a week
6. You are  allowed one (1) CHEAT DAY a week. 
7. The weeks run from Monday to Sunday. 
8. Journals are due on Monday's by 8pm at the box.
9.  Paper journal submissions only unless out of the state or country.   
10. Q& A session at 4pm this Saturday with the Kick-Off Party immediately following. Check out this event: CrossFit Frederick February Kick-Off

Join our Facebook Group (CrossFit Frederick Nutrition Challenge)


Not a Member? No problem...join for two months of Unlimited classes AND participate in the challenge for $299.

Register online HERE. (Note: you will be redirected to our Mindbody website)

Coach Amanda

P.S. Amanda’s spin on the Zone Diet. Zoning food consists of maintaining close ratios of 40% Carbs, 30% Protein and 30% Fat at each meal throughout your day. Zone “Blocks” help to make this calculation easy so meal planning can be a breeze. These ratios work well with one’s hormonal response to foods. Consuming meals five times a day helps to create a sense of satiety that discourages overeating. A complete “How To” will be covered at the kick off but contact us with any questions in the meantime, especially if you are new to Zone!