REMINDER: Yin-yasa Yoga will now be held 10:30 am until 11:45. Members can purchase 6 classes for $50 in the box.

Danielle 29 weeks pregnant with baby #2!

Danielle 29 weeks pregnant with baby #2!



Complete the following with a continuous running clock-
0-5 minutes- 800 meter run
5-10 minutes - 50 Thrusters (95lb/65lb)
10-15 minutes - 50 Box Jumps (24'/20')
15-20 minutes- 50 pull-ups
20-25 minutes - Kettlebell Swings (50/35)
25-30 minutes - 800 meter run

* if reps are completed, remaining time is rest
** if reps are not completed, move on to next station at call of rotate
*** scale runs to finish in 5 minutes.

9AM Team WOD

Teams of 4 complete the following for time-
One team member will run 800 Meters with a Slamball (50/25)
While that team member is running, the remaining 3 members will perform as many reps as possible of -

Knees to Elbows
Double unders
Wallballs (20#,10'/14#,9')

Every minute, at the call of rotate the members will move to the next station. When the team member returns from the run, the next member will go out to run while other team members continue rotating through the above movements. The workout is complete when the last team member returns from their 800 meter run with the slam ball.
*each team member keeps track of their total reps. add all reps together when done.

Post rep success for 8am and time for Team WOD to Members Area or comments.