Tracy A., Nice Back Squat!

Tracy A., Nice Back Squat!

Holiday hours this week:

Saturday, December 24th:
7am: Open Gym
8:30 WOD: Twelve Days of Christmas

Sunday, December 25th:
Gym Closed, Merry Christmas!


A. 10 minutes to find your 1RM Deadlift.

B. Deadlift 5x5 @ 3013 with 50% 1RM. 1 minute rests.

C. Four rounds for time:
6 Curtis P’s (LTBD)
12 Dynamic Push-ups, rise TBD
*Compare to 09/24/15.

(Curtis P = Power Clean + Front Rack Lunge Left + Front Rack Lunge Right + Push Press)

D. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
1) Review of Starting Positions and the Clean Dead Lift
2) 8x2 Power Clean with 2 second pause at knee
Increase Load, Rest 1 min
3) EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Tempo (6 second) Clean Dead Lift
5 Power Cleans

10 rounds of 10M Front Rack Walk and 2 Front Squats

Post loads and time to Members Area or comments.