Assistant Chief Adam P. Jones, Director of Training · Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Public Service Training Academy

“Crossfit Frederick has increased my confidence, strength and mobility since I joined January 2015. The owners Amanda and Dave are amazing and treat you like family. They cater to all fitness levels and ensure your technique and form are correct all while pushing you forward in a positive and safe manner. The members are very supportive and it is a very positive and upbeat community. I look forward to going there to for workouts to improve my body and mind. Since starting Crossfit Frederick I look, eat, sleep and feel much better. I would recommend Crossfit Frederick to everyone it will change your life for the better. “  



“CFF has made me believe that I could do things that I never thought I could ever physically do.” 


Kevin Hennessey

“Number 1 it has increased the strength of almost every muscle in my body, especially in my thighs and from the waist up. I can honestly say I’ve had no back issues the entire year of 2015. That in the past happened to me a few times a year after golf, or yard work. Number 2 it dramatically increased my physical endurance, to the point I only needed a few long runs prior running in the Baltimore Half Marathon this year. I find the work outs sessions to be demanding, but fun and rewarding.”


Katie Dills

“I joined Crossfit Frederick after having my first child (early 2012).  I wanted the body and fitness level that I had never been able to achieve on my own.  After reading the reviews online and meeting Dave and Amanda I was extremely excited to join their gym and become a part of what looked like a supportive, healthy, fun, family atmosphere.  I LOVE what Crossfit has done for me.  I was able to continue doing Crossfit while pregnant with my second child which had a significant impact in returning back to regular physical activity much faster than anticipated.  I feel strong, confident, and I LOVE the Crossfit concept and the trainers at Crossfit Frederick.  The 5 am class is my favorite and Dave does a wonderful job of “encouraging” me to keep pushing forward.  Thank you Dave and Amanda.  You should be proud of the team/family you have created at Crossfit Frederick.” 


Jonathan Miller, Ph.D., J.D.

" “I don't have time."  "I'm too out of shape."  "You have to be fit to do it."  "It's too expensive."  Those were just a few of the excuses I used to justify not going in.  And then it happened...I stepped on the scale.  Ouch.  I was an educated, employed, happily married, father of two --- and a physical mess.  Nearly 30 pounds overweight and completely out of shape, I had to do something.  I finally went in.  Amanda greeted me pleasantly and asked me what kind of shape I was in?  Can I say two kids under three shape?

My transformation began after the first class and continues to evolve.  Nearly 3 months in, I am 20 pounds leaner, stronger, and just overall well. The gym is not about ego.  It's not about how many reps you can do or how much weight you can lift.  It's about patience.  It's about Amanda and Dave's patience in working through every nuance of every exercise.  It's about having the patience to listen to the instruction.  It's about having the patience to work on technique and not throwing weight.  It's about having the patience to work through the workouts and let your body recover.  It's about having the patience to watch your body change.  It's about having the patience to recognize that good health can be fun.

Thank you, Amanda and Dave, for making me realize that being healthy can be fun.”


Andrew Bodine

“I came in with a shoulder injury and with the help of CFF I was able to regain mobility in my shoulder and strengthen its muscles! I am in much better shape and I couldn’t have done it without CFF And its coaching staff! CFF is a great group of people who are all looking to better themselves and support anyone who shares that goal! Every time I go I always enjoy the company while suffering through workouts! No pain... No gain!” 


Lt. Elizabeth Hattenburg, Deputy Commander, 6th District

“A few years ago I was watching TV and saw these super fit people at the Crossfit games. I was in awe. Although I was not out of shape, I was nowhere near that level of fitness. But everyone they interviewed said how inviting CF boxes were and that they welcomed any level of fitness.  Time ticked by and I delayed and delayed joining as I feared that everyone there was in great shape and I wouldn't be able to keep up. Boy, do I wish I would have started back then instead of wasting time. I was so WRONG! From the first day I stepped into the Frederick CF box, everyone has been very welcoming. Amanda and Dave took, and still take, the time to show me the proper form. They are extremely knowledgeable about lifting and body mechanics so that they can work around some of my prior injuries I have and still make sure I get a good workout. The entire workout is always set so everyone gets a great workout- whether you can barely lift a barbell or it is stacked with weights.  Not only are the owners friendly, everyone in the classes are equally open, friendly and willing to assist newbies or say hi and welcome you in. I've been a member for 6 months now. I am still learning new things every time I go in. As far as improvements go, as Dave said on the first day, "As soon as you get comfortable, we can increase reps, speed or weight. There is always room to be better".  Do you want to get fitter, stronger faster? Then, come on down to Frederick CF and I'll say hi. I'll be the one still working on getting fitter, stronger and faster.”  


Hannah P. 2nd Grade teacher

“Upon entering my first CrossFit Frederick class 2 years ago, I was terrified. I didn’t know what a barbell was, I’d never touched a medicine ball, and the only working out that I was doing consisted of torturous hours on an elliptical or a treadmill (shivers just thinking about it). I knew that it would be a different experience, but I had no idea just how greatly this decision would impact my life. I expected to be challenged physically, but not mentally as well. I didn’t know it when I joined, but CFF would become my safe haven during some of the most challenging experiences of my life. The CFF coaches work diligently to help me identify the limits that I set for myself. Then, they guide me to surpass those limits. At CrossFit Frederick, you learn to surprise yourself, respect yourself and recognize your potential. You will discover that you are mentally and physically stronger than you think.  You experience what it’s like to be part of something bigger than yourself, to challenge others, support them, and understand the meaning of teamwork. I wouldn’t trade my time at CFF for the world! It is truly one of a kind.”


Didi Hawthorne · Domestic Engineer and CEO of the Hawthorne Family

“I started Crossfit because I wanted to be a healthier and stronger woman for my family. When I first started, it was shortly after I had my second son. And for both of my pregnancies towards the end of them I experienced abnormally high blood pressure, which was scary. I have always “worked out” but it was more like going through the motions than actually strengthening me. I did it just to stay skinny, rather than for my health or strength. After I had my second child that was when I knew something needed to change. I wanted to re-invent, re-invigorate my mind and body. I needed something that would give me the results I had been seeking. I needed a challenge! So I decided to enter Crossfit, and I am so glad that I did. Crossfit Frederick has gotten me to achieve all my goals and has even gotten me beyond them! Joining CFF has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself, not only am I healthier and stronger then I have ever been, I have learned and grown so much with CFF over the past three years as well. I can do things I have never been able to do before, or even thought I could be able to do before, and I am a stronger and happier person because of it. I am currently pregnant with my third child now and have been doing Crossfit during my entire pregnancy and the differences between this pregnancy to my other two previous pregnancies are substantial. I am now in my ninth month and I have not experienced any high blood pressure issues what so ever! To me that is monument us, and is the whole reason that got me to sign up and do Crossfit in the first place.  Also, not to mention before I started with Crossfit Frederick I had occasional trouble with asthma, due to allergies, and would have to use an inhaler every so often before or after I would run. But now that I have been doing Crossfit I haven’t had to use an inhaler since! All thanks to Crossfit Frederick I am a healthier, happier, stronger person for my family.”


Karen Dean

“My testimonial….I'm not one who writes testimonials but I feel I really need to for Crossfit Frederick.

I joined CFF late March 2015 after hearing a lot about this experience through my friend Jill. I was leary about joining because I had heard that a lot of people get injured doing these types of work outs plus the work outs sounded so insane; work outs that would be impossible to do or finish.

Fast forward, it is now 8 months since I joined and I LOVE CFF!! Through nutritional counseling and exercise, I have lost 18 pounds, I see muscles on me that I haven't seen since I was in my 20's, I am stronger than I have been in years, I am so much more flexible, my body doesn't ache like it use to (only when I eat the wrong things-junk food, food with ingredients that sound like a chemistry experiment), I sleep so much better and just overall, I am a lot happier and I feel great!

Dave, Amanda and all of the coaches are all so good about making sure everyone's technique is correct so we don't get injured. They are great about pushing us and wanting us to do well and achieve our goals.

The atmosphere at CFF is one of camaraderie. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Working out with a group is so much fun as it keeps my mind off of the pain and on the goal to finish and maybe even achieve a personal best for that day. 

I can't thank all of the coaches enough for all of their help and continued help in the future.”


Shannon B.

“I have been coming to CFF for the past year.  This is an important part of my life now.  The coaches are great - positive, helpful, and encouraging.  I still struggle with many of the movements in the WODs, but they find a way to scale it and I get a sense of accomplishment from completing the workouts.  I have gained strength and endurance, as well as confidence.  The other participants are kind, and we all help and cheer on each other.  Thank you for providing such an awesome place to come and improve ourselves.  It is clean and organized, and there is plenty of equipment for everyone.  The bathroom/lockers/showers are great.  The variety within the WODs, as well as the Mobility and Strength classes, give people a chance to really improve their strength, fitness, and flexibility.  CrossFit Frederick - you rock!!”


Isaac D. Morgan, Esquire

“There is no way I would have been able to take 13 minutes off my marathon time to qualify for the Boston Marathon without the help and support of the CrossFit Frederick coaches.”


Chris H.

“I heard about Crossfit a few years ago from some friends that I used to play rugby with and saw how these guys were getting stronger… so I started looking for one.  I quickly found Frederick Crossfit right next across the street from my office and well – I gave it a shot.  Not only is this place impressive when you walk in – but it is clean and even has showers so I can sneak over during lunch and get back to work.

It all starts with Dave and Amanda.  These guys are such great trainers – they know exactly what you are capable of doing and scale workouts that fit you.  Whenever I tell someone about this gym - the first thing I mention is how critical they are of your form and posture -- trust me – they are critical!   

I thought I was at least reasonably fit for my age – boy was I wrong.  After less than a year I am doing things at 46 I never would have imagined – crazy amounts of pull-ups, climbing ropes, and push jerks!  Not to mention I went from 210 lbs. to 190lbs.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but it has forced me to finally buy some much needed new clothes that fit!

Don’t get me wrong – I still suck at a lot of things, but the muscle and flexibility I have gained in less than a year is going to keep me coming back for more. 

You can’t find a more supportive, encouraging, and fun group of people to be with than Dave and Amanda and the amazing community around them at Frederick Crossfit.”


John and Carol D.

"We never envisioned that we would still be working out in our late 60's, but thanks to the great coaching of Amanda and Dave, we never thought we would be feeling so good either!  We love the workouts, the fun, and the great support everyone gives each other at Crossfit Frederick."


Tim Spickler

Crossfit Frederick (CFF) has changed my attitude of exercise and fitness. When I say CFF, I include in that group Dave and Amanda, the rest of the coaching staff and the affiliate membership because in varying degrees, all have contributed to this attitude change. Prior to joining CFF, my idea of fitness was centered on endurance running with a little bit of weight training thrown in as an afterthought. What was not included in that regimen was any thought of stretching, mobility, flexibility or thoughts about how well I could move in the activities of daily life. The results of this was an ability to run for distance, almost constantly sore hips, knees and ankles (which were solved with frequent doses of Ibuprofen) and a declining ability to bend, move and lift.

I joined CFF three years ago, beginning with the three sessions a week plan.  As a bit of personal background, I am a 5:00 AM WODder and the occasional Saturday morning. So unless you are an early riser you probably don’t see me too often. Also, I am a Masters athlete. By Masters I do not mean expert. It just an indication of my age (which is 56). My age is really of no significance other than to hopefully show that CFF is a place to learn, practice and perform fitness regardless of your age.  

At the time I joined, my goals of this new exercise was to make my running better. Other than that, I was not sure of what to expect from CrossFit. The endurance running I had been doing during the previous years helped me in getting to the end of the daily WODs. What it did not help me with was weights that were also a part of the workout.  Over the first six months my goals expanded to include the desire to be able to significantly increase the amount of weight I used. I admit this was driven significantly by a feeling of embarrassment by being out lifted by a large number of the members who I was working out with (especially the ladies). Even though the instruction from the coaches was constantly being focused on technique, I remained focused on how much I was lifting and not on how I was lifting.

Our coaches are always focused on techniqueso over the past year and a half, I have become a convert and rid myself of the embarrassment of being out lifted and have become much more focused on how I perform an exercise rather that how much weight the exercise includes.  Also, with significant amounts of help from Dave, I am working to fix issues with my flexibility and mobility and ridding myself of the pain associated with years of poor posture and sitting at a desk. I was convinced that the pain in my neck, shoulders and back were just the inevitable results of age. While there are certain realities associated with getting older, I have learned that with a little work (or a lot of work) the pain and lack of mobility I was experiencing could be improved. I have seen significant improvement in these areas but I continue to focus on more improvement. To name a few, I need to get my elbows higher with a bar in the front rack, I need to keep my chest more upright in a squat (especially the overhead squat) and I need to improve the overall mobility in my posterior chain. Three years ago I didn’t even know I had a posterior chain! Dave tells me that you can always improve and I am now convinced of that. I want it to happen faster but I didn’t develop rounded shoulders and a slouch overnight and I know it will not go away overnight.

Three years ago I could not climb a rope, perform a pull-up or hand stand push up. I didn’t know what a burpee, mountain climber or GHD sit-up was. Today I can climb the rope, do ten consecutive dead hang pull-ups (on a good day). I can get upside down at the wall and do hand stand push-ups (with a few Abmats underneath). I have become intimately familiar with burpees, mountain climbers and the GHD. And while I view these as significant improvements, the most important thing I have learned is that the how I move is more important than how much I can move. By focusing on the how, I am surprised how much more improvement I see in the how much.


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