Please feel free to call us at (240) 651-5981 for all membership and rate options.

We are proud to offer a discount on our rates to individuals that meet one of the following requirements. Military, Firefighters, Law Enforcement and Corporate accounts. Ask for Amanda or Debby if you are affiliated with any of the above mentioned professions for your monthly rate and club benefits.

crossfit frederick beginners

We work very closely with each of our clients each time they are in for class. It is for this reason that we welcome beginners to CrossFit Frederick. Our coaches have been trained to work with all ability levels and ages starting at 15 years to 80 years young. We tailor our program to suit the client’s needs and goals. Finally, the member will learn about progressively scaling workouts, how to continue working on mechanics and gradually increase intensity. No prior CrossFit experience necessary.

Classes available for Beginners to attend are as follows:

Monday through Friday:
CrossFit Classes - 5AM, 9AM, 11:30AM and 7PM (not on Friday).
Strength Training - 10AM and 6PM.

Please call (240) 651-5981 to schedule your appointment.


Available by appointment only. Contact Amanda for pricing. Call (240) 651-5981


We welcome drop-ins from other CrossFit affiliates. Email us and let us know you’ll be visiting. Our class drop-in is $20 per class or open gym. We offer bulk drop-in packages if you plan on visiting Frederick frequently. All packages expire 6 months after purchase date. Credit/Debit card transactions are subject to a 5% service fee. Please contact us at (240) 651-5981 for pricing.