Conor, Amanda, Dave and Sloane May

Conor, Amanda, Dave and Sloane May




Amanda has been actively coaching CrossFit since 2008 and working as a personal trainer since 2002. She is equipped with over 20 years of experience in physical training to include functional fitness as well as strength and conditioning. She loves helping individuals overcome their fears and find their strength; physically and mentally. Seeing others happy and excited about obtaining what they thought was impossible is PRICELESS!


1998-2002 Intern at Gold's Gym for training
with the Special Olympic Athletes

June 2002 National Strength Professional
Certified Personal Trainer

June 2002 April 2005 Assistant Director Training Director
at Gold’s Gym, Frederick, MD

April 2005 July 2008 Assistant Training Director
at the Frederick Athletic Club, Frederick, MD

November 2007 Affiliated with CrossFit, Inc.

March 2008 CrossFit Level I Certificate,
CrossFit One World, Union City, CA

August 2008 Co-Founded CrossFit Frederick
March 2008 CrossFit Level I Kettlebell Certificate

October 2008 CrossFit Level I Olympic Weightlifting Certificate

January 2010 CrossFit Kids Coaching Certificate

October 2010 CrossFit Football Certificate

April 2011 CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course

July 2013 CrossFit Strongman

December 2014 CrossFit Level II Trainer Certificate

May 2015 Hard-style Kettlebell Certification by Dragon Door

Over 250 hours of Continuing Education Courses


Dave entered into the world of fitness in 1988. He’s had a passion for physical training and movement, not to mention lifting heavy, ever since. His vast experience with many types of training has equipped him with immeasurable knowledge of how the body works and best practices to improve mechanics, technique, and overall fitness.

He has been using his knowledge in training individuals since 1994 and actively coaching CrossFit since 2008.


2004 Canadian Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

August 2008 Co-Founded CrossFit Frederick 

November 2008 CrossFit Level I Kettlebell Certificate

July 2009 CrossFit Level I Certificate

May 2010 CrossFit Level I Olympic Weightlifting Certificate

October 2010 CrossFit Kids Coaching Certificate

October 2010 CrossFit Football Certification

April 2011 CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course

July 2013 CrossFit Strongman

March 2012 American Association of Snowboard Instructors Level 1 Certified Instructor

December 2014 CrossFit Level II Trainer Certificate

May 2015 Dragon Door Hard-style Kettlebell Certificate

Over 200 hours of Continuing Education Courses


debby fair, C.C.S

gym and staff consultant

Debby enjoyed an 18-year career as a Certified Conditioning Coach, Private Trainer, and the Athletic Director of both, Frederick Gold’s Gym and Frederick Athletic Club. She began her career as a trainer under John Philbin. During her career as a Philbin Trainer, she had the opportunity to work with the 1998 Winter Olympic bobsled team and Dan Riley, the strength coach for the Washington Redskins. From there, she began her transition to become the Athletic Director of Frederick Gold’s Gym and was given the responsibility to hire and develop many trainers whom are now in positions of leadership in our local gyms. In 2005 she then accepted an offer to become Frederick Athletic Club’s Athletic Director and continued til December 2011.

Amanda May was one of Debby’s protégés. Amanda was her Assistant Director for over 10 years. Dave was her liaison into the “old school training” world of Frederick Gold’s Gym. In December of 2011 she decided to step down as the Athletic Director and only focus on her private clientele. In 2015, Debby decided it was now time to take a hiatus. After a three year break, Debby accepted an offer to assist Amanda and Dave May to take CrossFit Frederick to the next level in the fitness industry. Debby is thrilled to be back working in the industry beside Amanda and Dave.

EDUCATION & certification

October 1996 National Strength Professionals Association, Certified Personal Trainer

November 1996 National Strength Professionals Association, Certified Conditioning Specialist

1997 Certified Freestyle Trainer

October 2000 National Strength Professionals Association,
Certified Pre and Post Rehabilitation

September 2004 International Fitness Professionals Association, Certified Sports Nutritionist

February 2008 International Fitness Professionals Association, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach Level II

Over 250 hours of Continuing Education Courses


athletic director

I discovered CrossFit Frederick 11 years ago while working out at a local gym, where I met the owner of CrossFit Frederick, Amanda May. At the time I was working as a State Trooper and was clearly in search of incorporating a workout regimen that would prepare me mentally and physically for any challenges that I may be faced with in the line of duty and in life. The day I joined CrossFit Frederick I was welcomed into a community like no other. I was welcomed into a family. The members and coaches not only made me feel at home, they reignited a fire and passion that I thought I had lost after ending my collegiate wrestling career in previous years. Eight years ago, I was offered a coaching job at CrossFit Frederick which I excitedly accepted. This was a great opportunity to grow as a person and athlete as well as to gain valuable experience and knowledge from excellent coaches in Amanda and Dave.

In January 2019, I accepted an offer to become the Athletic Director of CrossFit Frederick. In this new position, I work closely with Amanda, Debbie and Dave to help promote CrossFit Frederick in the community as well as assist in developing current and future CrossFit Frederick coaches. To reach more of the community through fitness, I co-founded TORCH Ruck Club of CrossFit Frederick and agreed to be a co-leader for PT rucks at CrossFit Frederick, as well as, off-site locations. This club’s mission is to inspire, promote, support and strengthen the community through fitness. I strive every day to give back and help pass on my knowledge and experience to our athletes and the community. I love to see our athletes do things they never thought were possible, to challenge themselves to what they can achieve and to make a difference in their lives inside and outside the gym.


CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate

CrossFit Level II Trainer Certificate

CrossFit Strongman

CrossFit Kids

Kara Shaffer


Kara discovered the health and fitness world in 2012 when joining a local fitness club, unaware of the progression she would take over the next three years. She began training with an area personal trainer, joined several adult soccer leagues, and began training in the ring pursuing boxing as a hobby and competitive sport. 

It wasn't long before she fell in love with all facets of fitness and decided to pursue certification as a group fitness trainer. She began teaching high intensity interval training classes which soon evolved into boot camp classes incorporating intervals of strength and metabolic conditioning. Shortly after, her experience as a trainer as well as her background in boxing led the way to her teaching a Boxing for Fitness class as well. 

While staying busy training others, Kara made time for her own fitness and began lifting and dabbling with Crossfit with her boxing coach. She quickly adopted WODs as part of her daily fitness regimen and decided to join CrossFit Frederick in January of 2014. She trains regularly and enjoys competing in area competitions often times teaming up with other members of CFF. Kara's passion for fitness training and CrossFit made pursing her CrossFit Level one training certification a no brainer and took the plunge in August 2015.  


CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate

AFAA Group Fitness Certification



Hannah was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland!  She grew up on a horse farm in New Market where she rode horses competitively throughout her childhood. She has been an athlete her entire life; playing basketball, softball, and running track in high school. 

She found CrossFit Frederick upon graduating college in 2013, bored with my monotonous gym routine and ready for something new. The CrossFit community is unmatched in passion and positivity. CrossFit has dramatically improved my strength, endurance, and overall health.She hopes to set an example for future generations, girls especially, about the benefits of strength and its contribution to a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Outside of the gym, she teaches 5th grade for Frederick County Public Schools, and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Special Education. 


CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate



Kelli is currently a stay-at-home Mom to two boys, Ben and Flynn and about to have her 3rd child this June. Before staying home with her kids, she was a hair stylist for 12 years. Prior to that she worked in various areas of the service industry. She is naturally drawn to jobs that help/serve others.

Kelli played competitive sports growing up. When that ended she was always looking for something to do to stay healthy, all while having fun. She floated from gym to gym but was never satisfied. She found Crossfit Frederick in 2009 and was hooked from the first day! She instantly loved the friendly, team oriented community feel that you get at Crossfit Frederick. The guidance, the challenge and the “desire to do better than the day before” was exactly what she had been looking for.

She decided to get her Crossfit Level 1 Certification because she loves what Crossfit has done for her. She is the healthiest she’s ever been, is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and be their best self. This is what becoming a coach means to Kelli!


CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate



Geoff served as a U.S. Army officer in the Infantry and Military Police Corps from 1993-2003. He is currently a Montgomery County Police Officer, serving since 1998.

Geoff joined CFF in 2012. At the time, he was suffering from a painful knee injury from a 2003 car accident that severely limited his ability to remain active. The specific exercises and stretches developed by Dave and Amanda helped to strengthen his knee. After just a few months, the knee pain was gone, and Geoff was doing box jumps, squats, and runs with ease.

For Geoff, CrossFit is more than just a workout. CrossFit’s varied and intense movements help prepare him for his job and give him the strength, speed, and endurance to do his job better, and help keep him free from work-related injuries.

In his free time, Geoff enjoys photography, videography, scuba diving, and travel.