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Don't Call It a Resolution

by Geoff Rand

So it’s that time again when the New Year brings out the sense in many of us that we need to make lists of all the things we want to change or achieve in the coming months.  It’s so cliché.  Sorry to blast a hole in your balloon, but if you approach your resolutions like most people do, you are probably going to fail to achieve your lofty goals for 2018.

Unfortunately, many resolutions fail.  Some don’t even make it through January.  The reasons are many.  Some resolutions are too general.  Instead of “I want to lose weight,” you need a numerical marker to hit like a number of pounds, or even better, inches, you’d like to lose per month or by a certain date. 

Other resolutions have no structured plan.  “I want to quit smoking” is a great goal, but without breaking down the idea into a meaningful plan, you are unlikely to stick with it and achieve the goal.

For your goals to be achieved, you need to want to achieve them.  It should be something you are passionate about and are motivated to work towards.  My father was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  He used that to light a fire under his ass and totally gave up sugar and revamped his whole diet.  It’s only a few months later and he has lost a ton of weight and is actually starting to wean off many of his medications under the advice and approval of his doctor.

Have some more easily achievable goals to go along with your more challenging ones.  It’s important to see some progress and achievement in your journey.  If none of your goals are being met, it’s easy to get discouraged and then abandon the whole idea.

Try to refrain from calling it a Resolution.  I’m not sure what it is, but the term Resolution just seems to have a sense of temporariness to it to me.  Your goals should be ongoing to the point they develop into healthy habits that become part of your regular routine.  That is how you avoid starting off 2019 with the same goals you failed to achieve in 2018.


With that in mind, here are some ideas for a Lifestyle Tune Up, if you will.

1.  Bring a friend.  Introduce a friend to CrossFit.  Your friend benefits by getting to experience the same great workouts you already know about in an easier-to-get-started manner since they know you.  You benefit by getting 50% off your next month’s membership.  You also will sound less weird to at least one person the next time you brag about your snatch on Facebook.  You both benefit by having a workout partner that can keep you motivated and attending regularly.

2.  Sign up for a race.  Signing up for a race or other significant physical challenge (like the fast-approaching CrossFit Open) is a great way to stay motivated past the initial idea phase.  Having a date set and a monetary expenditure makes you more likely to want to work towards the goal of getting ready for the challenge.  Increase your chances of success by signing up with friends.

3.  Make sleep a priority.  I’ve done some recent blog posts on sleep.  The short of it is lack of sleep is literally killing you.  If you are not getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night regularly, you are shaving years off your life, making it harder for you to recover from workouts and injuries, inhibiting your gains, making yourself more prone to developing illnesses, diseases, and cancers, and a laundry list of other maladies.  Find time in your schedule for sleep.  Schedule sleep first and the rest of your day around it if you have to.


4.  Make small changes over time.  Especially if weight loss is your goal, you’re going to be more successful if you break your goals down into smaller chunks.  A friend of mine was trying to improve his diet and chose to cut out one bad item per week.  Ranch dressing, then soda, and on and on.  Each week, he ate a little healthier.

If you need a little help with your meal planning, try Territory’s foods that are delivered right to the Box.  Your food delivery even gives you an added incentive to come into the Box to pick it up.  Win-win.   

Stay tuned for details on the next healthy eating challenge.  The Numbers Don’t Lie Challenge will be starting soon and is a great way to tune up your food intake with a program monitored by a coach, a detailed meal plan, measurements to track your progress, and a large support community of like-minded members going through it with you.  It’s a great way to try healthy eating for the first time or get back on track if you’ve strayed.

5.  Get a yearly physical.  No one wants to go to the doctor, but regular check ups and physicals with blood work are your best chance of catching an ailment early when it can be addressed, before it becomes a serious problem.

6.  Don’t forget a mental tune-up.  Finding ways to organize, de-clutter, or downsize can have huge benefits to your mental health.  When your life is less cluttered, stress is reduced, and you can become a healthier, more productive you.  Marie Kondo’s book has been used by thousands to streamline their lives by getting rid of what they don’t need. 


Good luck to you with whatever you call it and here’s to a safe, prosperous, and productive 2018!