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Athlete Spotlight: Kathi Reifschneider

Why do I CrossFit? CrossFit Frederick challenges me every day! I never thought I would be “power snatching,” rope climbing, and attempting pull-ups. I typically attend the 8:00 and 9:00 am classes, joining CFF after I retired two years ago from teaching public school, a job I enjoyed immensely. I was fortunate and slightly crazy to have had the opportunity to teach all three levels; elementary, middle, and high school! However, my favorite group has to be the crazy middle school students because they finally understand sarcasm. Maybe this is why I like CFF so much?! 


I grew up in Michigan on the many lakes, great and small. My all time favorite place to vacation is “Up North” in Glen Arbor, Michigan next to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. This area also has the BEST cherry pie ever! Spending a day outdoors is my happy place. I like to sail in fair weather, and hit the ski slopes when the snow falls. My favorite places to ski are Utah and Colorado. There is nothing more refreshing after skiing all day than to soak in a hot tub, jump in a pile of snow to cool off, and then back into the hot tub without knocking over a beverage of choice. Maybe Amanda and Dave would consider this as a new winter WOD?! I also enjoy hiking, having just completed the entire 41 miles on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, with plans to hike into Pennsylvania next. My husband, Martin and I like to hike Sugarloaf Mountain on the weekends, but during the week, my two dogs, Tiller and Hobie, are my faithful hiking pals. 

I am most proud of my family, daughters Kristina and Lisa, and my three grandchildren, at ages 8, 6, and 2. Watching the grandkids is a REAL workout! My plan this new year is to focus on making at least one pull-up and stringing together double unders. 



Athlete Spotlight: Gabby Gallegos

Just a few reminders:

The Great Pumpkin Run registration fee increases on 8/21, so register now to save.  The race is November 5.  Remember to register under the CrossFit Frederick social team.

The Lurong Challenge registration fee increases on 8/22.  Get in now while the rate is still low.  This fitness and diet challenge runs from 9/12 to 10/30.

Gabby is back from vacation and yoga resumes this Saturday, 8/20 at 10:15.  Sign up on Mindbody or download the CFF app.

We caught Gabby before she headed out to Colorado and New Mexico for vacation and asked her a few questions to get to know her better.  

1.  Where are you from?  Born in Virginia, but grew up in Maryland.

2.  Time(s) you normally work out at CFF?  9AM Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

3.  Accomplishment you are proud of (CrossFit or otherwise):  making it through a workout 3x a week :)

4.  Skill or movement you are working to perfect:  All!  I am new so it’s exciting to learn lifts, etc.

5.  Favorite exercise/WOD: Murph (1/2 of course…)

6.  What got you into CrossFit?  Yoga!

 7. Why do you do CrossFit?  Because I feel stronger after every WOD.  I always surprise myself.

8.  Your occupation/what occupies the majority of your day?  Teaching yoga!

9.  What is your dream job? Owning my own yoga studio/wellness center.

 10.  What do you do to relax? Meditate, read, hike

 11.  Favorite place to vacation: Colorado

12.  Favorite cheat food: French fries!

13.  If you could be a character from a movie, who would it be and why? Dory from Finding Dory so I can live my life in the ocean singing “just keep swimming”.

14.  What is playing on your music player right now? Probably anything from country to hip-hop

15.  Hobbies/Activities:  yoga, hiking, running

 16.  Any interesting/unique/special skills? I like to turn myself upside down a lot.

17.  What is something we probably didn’t know about you? I lived in Guam for 3 years.

18.  Any Pets?  Yes, a cat named Brah-man

19.  Favorite toy as a child:  Barney stuffed animal



An Ode to a Super Woman

 An Ode to a Super Woman

by Geoff Rand


She woke up early, at Amanda’s prodding,

heading to CrossFit Frederick for some 5AM WODing.

In the dark of morn, she began to ride,

faithful husband Chris, right there by her side.


But up ahead in the opposite lanes, two twisted trucks,

flames and smoke, people were surely were fu…… , uh messed up.

She jumped out and sprinted ahead,

hoping to help the injured and find no one dead.


Trying to get to the opposite lanes in her rush to aid,

she quickly hopped over the barricade.

She wasted no time, not even a smidge,

but in the dark, couldn’t see this was a bridge.


It took her a second, but she quickly found,

on the other side was an absence of ground.

Falling and falling, time seemed to have stopped,

it was later determined, 75 feet she had dropped.


As she glanced up to the blackened sky,

She was thankful for great friends and loving family, and was prepared to die.

Unable to see the bottom must have been such a fear,

but fortunately she hit water, breaking the fall with her rear.


She popped to the surface, gasping for air,

disoriented, but glad she was still there.

“Where the heck could she be?” said Chris, not yet dawning on him,

that his wife was far below, taking a swim.


But the ending was near to this morning of drama,

she was found, loaded up, and flown to Shock Trauma.

What would have killed anyone else ended up being just some bruising and cracks,

and when she’s healed up, we know she’ll be back.


I know a Super Woman, one who truly inspires,

who runs towards danger, not fearing heights, smoke or fires.

Her name is Angela and for her pain I weep,

but next time I ask, please look before you leap.



Athlete Spotlight: Stu Rosner

Just a quick reminder to sign up for the 31 Heroes WOD happening this Saturday, August 6th at 9AM.  If you would like to donate, you can HERE.  While donating is not required, please pre-register with CFF's MindBody scheduling software, prior to the event.

Stu has been a CrossFit Frederick member since November of 2012.  We cornered him and told him he couldn't leave until he filled out this voluntary questionnaire.  Thanks for your willingness to participate, Stu!

1.  Where are you from?  Reston, VA

2.  Time(s) you normally work out at CFF?  9AM Monday-Friday

3.  Accomplishment you are proud of (CrossFit or otherwise):  becoming a qualified Engineer Officer in the U.S. Navy submarine force

4.  Skill or movement you are working to perfect:  handstand walk

5.  Favorite exercise/WOD: ring muscle up, Angie (100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats for time)

6.  What got you into CrossFit?  A friend at work mentioned she was going to a CrossFit “Getting Started” class.  I went online to find out what she was talking about and thought, “Wow, that sounds like fun!”

7. Why do you do CrossFit?  CrossFit keeps me in fantastic shape without a huge time commitment.  At the same time, it’s fun and the people I’ve met at CrossFit are so nice and friendly.  It’s like being in a Rocky movie every time I workout.

8.  Your occupation/what occupies the majority of your day?  Electrical Engineer that does modifications on nuclear power plants. 

9.  What is your dream job? Shooting guard on an NBA franchise

10.  What do you do to relax? Read, watch NBA basketball on TV

11.  Favorite place to vacation: Costa Rica 

12.  Favorite cheat food: Chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough

13.  If you could be a character from a movie, who would it be and why? I don’t know what the movie character was like, but the original literary Sherlock Holmes was a badass, both mentally and physically.  I guess I wouldn’t mind him, minus the cocaine habit.

14.  What is playing on your music player right now? Van Halen

15.  Hobbies/Activities:  cycling, surfing (real waves, not the internet!), pickup basketball 

16.  Any interesting/unique/special skills? I’m a ham radio operator and know Morse code

17.  What is something we probably didn’t know about you? I’ve bicycled across the U.S. three times and around France once.

Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah

18.  Any Pets?  No pets, but I like cats.

19.  Favorite toy as a child:  Atari

20.  What else is cool/interesting/different, etc. about you? I spent a lot of my 20’s underwater as an officer on a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine.



Athlete Spotlight: Bobbie Gray

Everyone say "Hello" to Bobbie! She is a regular 12 pm'er with a weekly 10 am Mobility 101 class thrown in the mix. Bobbie has been with us for over a year and continues to impress us with her dedication and devotion to herself. Naturally, we were thrilled when she accepted our request to be the Athlete of the month. So, here you go...more about Bobbie!!! Thanks girl! 

1.  Time(s) you normally work out at CFF
•    12pm and Thursday mobility class at 10am.  I call it recess!
2.  Accomplishment you are proud of
•    Handstand pushups and rope climbs.  I was amazed when I saw these movements after I first began CrossFit and couldn’t imagine myself doing them.  
3.  Something we probably didn’t know about you
•    I study Italian language as a pastime (but I’m not Italian and have never been to Italy)
4.  Skill or movement you are working to perfect
•    Double unders
5.  Favorite exercise/WOD
•    Handstand pushups / Filthy Fifty

6.  What do you do for fun?
•    Cook for people, Book Club, shopping.
7.  Your occupation/what occupies the majority of your day
•    Computer Aided Design (CAD) and sales support / literature for Intervid, Security and Surveillance Systems
8.  Your dream job
•    Run a cafè with my godson.
9.  Favorite place to vacation
•    Virginia Beach or a staycation
10.  Where would you like to travel?
•    The Amalfi Coast, Italy
11.  When I want to kick a bad mood I…
•    Listen to old-time bluegrass gospel music
12.  Favorite beverage
•    Pellegrino sparkling water
13.  Favorite cheat food
•    Fried chicken (especially Popeyes)
14.  Superpower you wish you had
•    Cross my arms and blink like I Dream of Jeannie.  House cleaning – blink –  done.  Annoying person – blink –  annoying person banished to deserted island.  Burpees – blink – best time ever!
15.  When I want to relax I…..
•    Get a pedicure.
16.  Biggest pet peeve
•    People who toss cigarette butts out of their car windows.
17.  Favorite book
•    Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston
18.  Favorite movie/TV Show
•    Oh Brother Where Art Thou / Justified
19.  Hobbies/Activities
•    Cooking, gardening, reading, yoga.

20.  Any interesting/unique/special skills?
•    I do most of my own home improvements.
21.  Goal(s) you are working towards
•    None specific
22.  Pets?  [type/name(s)]
•    Two cats, Isaak and Figaro
23.  Something you could not live without
•    At some point one could find themselves without certain things, but have to go on; so nothing.  Well maybe chocolate.
24.  Favorite toy as a child
•    A stuffed panda bear  (I still have it)
25.  What city/state are you from?
•    Local girl, born and raised in Frederick
26.  Favorite class in school
•    Art
27.  Something you did as a child that got you in trouble
•    Hit my sister in the forehead with a rock while playing David and Goliath with a homemade sling (she wasn’t aware of the game)
28.  Favorite restaurant
•    Modern Asia
29.  Quote to live by
•    Those who complain the most are those most complained about.
30.  What I used to do before CrossFit
•     Make promises to start exercising at home and break them.  
31.  What else is cool/interesting/different, etc. about you?
•    I can shoot darts, pool, and guns.