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1st Annual Bulldog Battle @ CFF by Geoff Rand

You stand with your partner waiting to take the floor.  Your heart pounds in your chest.  The butterflies churn up your stomach.  The crowd cheers as you take your places.  3-2-1-GO!  All the nervousness instantly disappears.  You can hear the sounds of your friends urging you on over the deafening music.  The weight feels light in your hands.  Your movements are quick. Your shirt becomes drenched in sweat.  It feels like just a few brief moments, but you’ve been pumping out reps for several minutes.  You squeeze in a few more before time is called.  You hug your partner knowing you both gave all you had.

This is the thrill of competition.  Whether it’s your first one or your 100th, the feeling is the same.

There’s something about competing that brings out the beast in us.  You tap into some deep corner of your inner strength and find the willpower to push through and accomplish things you thought you couldn’t do.  You can lift heavier, jump higher and faster.  You become superhuman.

If you’ve already entered CrossFit competitions, you know the feeling.  If you haven’t, here’s your chance.

On Saturday, June 18th, CrossFit Frederick will host the 1st Annual Bulldog Battle, a 2-person, same sex team event.  240 competitors, 4 divisions (teen, scaled, Rx and masters), and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division.  $150 per team registration fee.  Click HERE for more info or to register.  Spectators are welcome, $10 admission fee at the door.

So join us on June 18th.  Grab a friend (or ask Amanda or post up on the CFF Facebook page for help finding a teammate) and compete, or come on out and cheer them on as they battle through three WODs.  The Battle begins at 8AM.