Our #EatREALFoodNutritionChallenge2019 wrapped up at the beginning of May. This was a 10-week nutrition challenge. The challenge presented our competitors with the ability to eat real food. They were asked to keep to the grocery list, attend classes at least 3-times per week, maintain food journals, attend weekly "support" meetings, share food posts on social media and have measurements completed during specific dates. The end goal for the challenge was to teach our clients "how to" eat real food and keep things simple. A lesson that we have proven to be successful after the formal nutrition challenge has ended.

We measured each competitors body-weight, body-fat percentage and inches. We are old school, and know that body composition must change to yield the greatest results. Our clients that competed did amazing work with life-changes and their results are a representation of their efforts and success. A few clients really stood out and have won the challenge.

Please help us in CONGRATULATING Armando Tellez, Nina Catron, Logan Nelson and Cassie Larsen in their success. The images are in order of clients from left to right.


Armando reduced his body-fat percentage by 8.4%.
Nina reduced her body-fat percentage by 6%.


Logan lost a total of 9.75”.
Cassie lost a total of 9.25”.

Disclaimer: Amanda and Dave May of CrossFit Frederick are not licensed dietitians.