While it might be frigid outside, things are about to heat up in the Box.  The 2019 CrossFit Open begins in a few weeks and it’s time to get ready.

While only a few will actually make it to the Games, there is still a lot to be gained by competing in the Open.  First, the competition will push you beyond what you thought were your limits.  Every year we see athletes get their first muscle ups, double unders, or lift heavier or do more reps than they thought were possible.  The cheering of your fellow athletes and coaches, paired with the intense nature of the competition, brings out the best in us and unlocks that hidden ability you may not have known existed.

Competing in the Open also lets you see where you stand compared to thousands of other athletes around the world.  Also, if you’ve never competed in a CrossFit competition, the Open is a great way to get a taste of what a competition feels like.

 As in previous years, the 2019 CrossFit Open will feature five weekly workouts and have multiple divisions for anyone age 14 or older.  Each workout will have an Rx or scaled option, so anyone can compete.

While no one knows what’s in store for us this year, here are the WODs from the 2018 Open

isaac open.jpg

Here’s what you need to know for the 2019 Open.

Register here.    All athletes competing in the Open need to be registered before the first WOD’s scores can be entered.  Registration is open now.

CrossFit Games releases the workout on Thursday nights at 8pm EST. 

We will host the Open Workout on the following Saturdays, starting at 9am with one exception of a Sunday workout, see below:

  • Saturday, February 23rd

  • Saturday, March 2nd

  • GYM CLOSED - Saturday, March 9th - hosting the 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Classic

  • Sunday, March 10th at 10am. Regular 9am WOD for members not registered to compete in the Open. 

  • Saturday, March 16th

  • Saturday, March 23rd

The 7am Open Gym and 8am WOD will be available on Saturday mornings for members that are not registered to compete in the Open. 

Athletes competing in the "scaled" division will have a peer judge them. 

Athletes competing in the "RX" division will have a CFF designated Coach judge them. 

Heats will be organized on a first come first serve basis. Athletes must sign in at the front desk upon arrival and designate if they are to compete in the "scaled" or "RX" divisions. 

Drop-ins are welcome for a $20 drop in rate. 

Dylan open.jpg

We urge the community to come in and support our Athletes that are competing in the Open. Take photos and post them on social media. Tag #crossfitfrederick, @crossfitfrederick, @cffrederickmd 

The CrossFit Open is challenging, but provides a tremendous source of satisfaction in both your personal experience of pushing past your limits and in seeing how you compare to thousands of other athletes around the world.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!