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For many of us it’s been a good few weeks since we’ve been in a regular workout routine.  The frantic pace of the holidays is finally behind us and it’s time to get back to grunting under the strain of a lift, building up those calluses on our hands, and leaving sweat angels on the floor. For others, maybe you’ve been waiting for the New Year to mount your come back after being away for an extended time. Perhaps this is your resolution. Some may have been injured and have decided it’s time to start lifting again.  Whatever the reason or if there is no reason at all, we welcome you back.


To make your transition smoother, here are some tips to make things easier on yourself.

1.  Drink water.  No one has a midnight water toast as the ball drops, and I’d suspect your hydration has not been a priority since before Thanksgiving.  Make a point to drink your body weight in ounces every day.  Set a reminder on your new electronic device, post a note in your car, or buy a new water bottle to help remind yourself to do it.  Hydration is an important part of overall nutrition as it aids in digestion, makes you feel fuller, and helps regulate blood sugar.

2.  Clean out your fridge and cabinets.  The time for overindulgence is over.  Prevent a resurgence of the cravings by getting rid of the offending foods.  Take it to work, donate it, or just throw it out.  If it’s within reach, there will be a temptation to consume it.  Eating clean will make your return to pre-holiday intensity much easier.

3.  Focus on tomorrow.  If you’ve been away for an extended period, forget the big picture of where you want to be in 6 months.  Don’t even read what tomorrow’s WOD is.  It’s likely not going to be an easy one, filled of all your favorite exercises. Just pick your day and get in the Box one time.  Do it again the next day.  Eventually, you’ll get into a routine and it will be less of a struggle to convince yourself to go.

4.  Have an accountability partner.  I took a financial wellness class that taught us to use an accountability partner to screen all planned purchases over $200.  You can do this for workouts and healthy eating too.  It’s even better if the person is joining you on your fitness or diet journey.  You need someone who has no problem telling you to stop stuffing your face or to get out of bed and go to the gym.  You need a person who will call you out on social media if you missed a day or post pictures of your choco mocho cappo latte you’re not supposed to be drinking. This is the person you call when you’re feeling unable to fight off the cravings or think the WOD is too tough. They will help keep you on track.


5.  Accept that you’re not going to PR everything right away and you’ll need to ease back into the weights you were lifting.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. It will take time, but it will get easier.  Remember there are scaling options for everything.

6.  Don’t let your soreness be an excuse for skipping a day. There’s no doubt you will be in pain from using muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.  The worst thing you can do is lie in bed or on the sofa and dwell on your misery.   As I’ve covered before, movement is key to muscle recovery.  Getting the blood pumping speeds replenishment and flushes out the toxins.  You might have to waddle into the Box like you’ve just dismounted a galloping horse, but I guarantee, you’ll feel better after doing the WOD.

Don’t forget about mobility. We have foam rollers, lacrosse and golf balls, and other devices to work out the knots and keep you moving.  Dave is always willing to assist if you need it.


Consistency is key to getting back into a workout, fitness, and healthy eating routine or recovering from an injury, and it’s far easier to achieve your goals when you are working out with a supportive group, like we have at CFF, versus going at it alone. Call it a resolution, or a come back, or whatever you want, but let’s see you here tomorrow.