We are all training to be better, and if you’re serious about gaining strength, you need to push yourself.  When pushing your limits, there will be times when you will hit failure and have to bail out of the lift.  This is why we have bumper plates, so that when you need to, you can safely drop the bar and avoid injury.

The bumper plates are designed to absorb the impact of a drop, and when they hit a flat floor, they drop and bounce predictably.  However, if an item, like a weight plate, collar, or even a water bottle, is left in their path, that can cause damage to the equipment, and who knows where the bar will go when it hits the item.  This can cause injury and further damage to the equipment and our Box.


The above photo shows an improper work area with the red plates in the path of the bar should I need to drop it.


This photo shows the weight plates safely out of the way.

While the photos show weight plates around racks, it is just as important to keep the area clear where a bar may drop when lifting without racks.  Also keep in mind that if you drop a bar, you still need to control it. We’ve had several holes punched in our walls from people dropping bars but not controlling them.  It is even more important to keep a bar from bouncing or rolling into someone else.  If you aren’t able to control the bar, you probably aren’t ready for that weight in your lift.

Keep your space clear, push yourself, and always stay in control.