Congratulations to the winners of the Let’s Get REAL Food Challenge that ended on August 10th, 2018.

The challenge was 30 days of eating REAL Food, from our grocery list, that was included with the challenge material. Suggestions for serving sizes were provided with consideration to Male, Female and overall goals in our initial group meeting at the start of the month long challenge. While many participants saw some amazing results (i.e. losing 15 pounds); there were less than a handful that prevailed. The two categories in which progress could be gained (or lost!) were the Most Inches Lost and Most Body-Fat Lost.

The winners for the Most Inches Lost are:

Shannyn Jacobs with the reduction of 9 1/2 inches
Scott Smith will the reduction of 4 1/4 inches

The winners for the Most Body-Fat Lost are:

Mary Bechtel with the loss of 4.1%
Logan Nelson with the loss of 3.8%

These are truly amazing results for a short period of time. Details for our next 30 day Let’s Get REAL Food Challenge will be released by October 10th via email and on Facebook.

In the meantime, let’s hear what our winners have to say about their experience with the challenge…

The Best Challenge Yet!

Shannyn kissing Garfield, August 12th, 2018.

Shannyn kissing Garfield, August 12th, 2018.

I loved the “Let’s Get REAL” challenge! What made this challenge different, and the best one yet, was getting a shopping list from Dave and Amanda. Seeing what Dave and Amanda eat (their sample meal plans). Also, hearing from them the serving sizes they recommend for both women and men. Armed with that information, I was able to focus, not only on the foods I put in my body, but also the amount of food I needed to be successful. I no longer feel fatigued and bloated. At the end of the challenge, I lost 9 1/2 inches total and 15 pounds plus I went down 2 pant sizes. I feel great! The challenge may have ended but its not over for me, by far! I am continuing to follow the shopping list and serving sizes. Since the challenge ended, I have lost an additional 5 pounds and MORE inches! YAY me!!!

Why the Real Food Challenge worked for me...

We have all been there. We work out religiously and know that our bodies respond negatively if we don't. Whether it just changes our mood, is an outlet for stress, or just helps us reach our strength goals, it is a part of our world as "CrossFitters." If only we all put that much effort and had such a visceral reaction to not eating right.

Scott and his family (2018)

Scott and his family (2018)

Like many, I have dieted before. Whether it was cutting out specific groups like carbohydrates or just sticking to a plan like in Weight Watchers, I have been there and done that. The Real Food Challenge was different. It taught me the importance of choices and how they impact my daily energy. Additionally, it taught me the importance of eating "real" food without substituting with preservatives, artificial sugars, or just plain processed foods. It was habit forming, educational and life changing. I learned that meat is okay! I also learned that while "cheats" happen, it is about how you manage your cheating when it comes to making healthy choices.

The top 5 things learned:
1. It is important to plan out your meals and prepare them ahead of time.
2. Even when on a trip or vacationing or even going to happy hour, there are choices which work for keeping it "real."
3. Cheating (on diets only) is okay! The key is management.
4. Sunlight and regular workouts are a must.
5. You can’t do it alone. Reflection and teamwork is key.

While I cannot say that I have stayed true to my learning’s, even today, I still understand the importance of changing habits. The choices I am now making are being impacted and when I know something is not "real," I try to manage. Consistency is vital to long term changes.

A special thank you to both Dave and Amanda May for their guidance and coaching throughout this challenge and for always "Keepin' it Real."

A Few Small Changes Made Such a Big Difference

“Quick, take my picture, before I workout” -Mary

“Quick, take my picture, before I workout” -Mary

I felt that taking the food challenge opportunity would be a helpful way to reach goals and stay focused on my wellness. I signed up because CrossFit Frederick’s program was designed to compliment working out by showing me what to eat and how much to eat. The other benefit of the group is that it allowed me to learn other gym members habits to prepare food and put myself first. When life gets busy it’s easy to loose focus on what you eat but this program helped me see that I need to keep that in focus all the time. I was shocked at how a few small changes made such a big difference for me. I mainly went from eating out to preparing my food and grocery shopping more. I have focused on eating more protein as well. This has made a great difference for me. I am so grateful for Amanda and Dave’s focus and commitment to health with exercise and better eating.

Holding Myself Accountable

Logan, August 2, 2018

Logan, August 2, 2018

The “Let’s Get Real” food challenge helped me understand the fundamentals of healthy eating. I learned that the quantities of fats, carbs, and protein vary depending on your specific goal. For instance, an athlete looking to improve their performance would eat more carbs than an athlete looking to lose body fat. I also learned that your body can only handle a certain amount of protein, which also varies from person to person. The second thing I learned and applied was the value of meal prepping. Without prepping meals, it was very easy to get off track and derail my progress, in a hurry. The last thing I learned was the importance of accountability. By writing my food down in a food journal and having weekly meetings with the group, I was able to hold myself accountable for my food intake. Overall, I enjoyed this challenge and it helped me build sustainable habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to start your progress through targeting your nutrition?

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*Disclaimer: Amanda and Dave May are not licensed dietitians and may not write you a diet. They may make suggestions that better suite your body type, performance goals and physique goals.