By Geoff Rand

One of the consequences of eating healthy is the higher cost of food.  It’s a fact; the stuff that’s better for you just costs more.  So with that being the case, we need to make smart decisions and avoid wasting these costlier purchases.

I’ve thrown out way too many food items, often due to poor planning or being too ambitious about my ability to consume them.  Often, they go bad before I can use them.  No food that I buy gets thrown out more often than salad.  It just seems to get fuzzy before I can use the whole container.  But what if there was a way to extend the life of the salad you purchase, and thus save money?  Well now there is.

I credit all the information in this article to Annie.  She recently clued me in to a trick she uses to keep her salads fresh, extending their life, and avoiding tossing out what would have been good food.

Annie uses a salad spinner, not just for washing the lettuce, but also for removing the moisture from prepackaged mixed salads, and then for storing them.  She reports that even spinning prepackaged salads in the spinner helps prolong their life.

I had to try this for myself.  First I dumped a package of salad into the spinner.  A couple pulls of the lawn mover-like cord was all it took.  The inner basket holds the greens and the walls of the outer bowl collect the moisture.  A quick dump, rinse, and wipe down of the bowl, and it was good as new.  Now you just replace the basket of salad and lid and store the salad in the fridge like normal.

The lettuce leaves were drier, but not bone dry, which I think will only help preserve them, while keeping them crisp.  I expect to get several additional days beyond the normal spoil date with this method.

I purchased my spinner, the Progressive Prep Works Salad Spinner for $9.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond.  So far it seems like a quality item.

So if you are finding you throw out more salad than you eat, give the spinner a try.  And thank Annie for helping us all to save a few dollars.