by Geoff Rand

With vacation season soon approaching, many of us are thinking of spending it someplace full of sun and sand, possibly with a drink in our hand.  But just because you are away from the Box, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon your workouts.  In fact, with the tendency we all have to overindulge on our time off, it might be more important than ever to get that blood pumping and burn some calories.  Plus, we’ve all experienced that first day back at the Box after a long absence.  It sucks.  Staying active on your vacation can help minimize the pain upon your return.

The big hurdle to overcome with travelling and working out is the lack of programming.  While I’m sure Amanda would love for you to take her with you to the islands, that’s probably not realistic.  But have no fear, that trail has already been blazed for you.  Here are two links to help you out.  The first is 75 primarily body weight WODs, and the second is a website devoted to travel WODs.  Both feature WODs requiring no or minimal equipment.

Alternatively, you could take a deck of cards with you (or download a deck of cards app) and do the core centric version (burpees, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, situps, and jokers are 400m sprint), or substitute an exercise for any equipment you may have available.

Another option is to rediscover some of the CrossFit Girls.  Many of them require minimal or no equipment.

Angie (100 each of pullups, pushups, situps and squats – for time)

Barbara (20 pullups, 30 pushups, 40 situps, 50 squats – 5 rounds for time, with 3 minutes rest between rounds)

Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats – max rounds in 20 minutes)

Mary (5 handstand pushups, 10 pistols, 15 pullups – max rounds in 20 minutes)

Don’t forget your warm up.  You wouldn’t jump right into a WOD without warming up here, so why would travelling be different?  Pack your jump rope and twist off the bristles from a broom, and throw in some inch worms or push ups, and you’ve got all you need to be plenty loosened up for any travel WOD.  And, don’t forget to stretch afterward.

One final option when on the road is to drop in to a local Box.  This is a great way to get your sweat on and it can be fun to experience the nuances of different coaches and vibes of different Boxes.  Here are some tips if you are thinking of hitting a new box while travelling.

·      Research the local Box’s policies regarding prior registration, cost, paperwork, drop in requirements, etc.  Some may require online registration and actually limit the number of attendees for a given WOD.  It’s always a good idea to call or email ahead of time and let them know who you are and when you are coming.

·      Arrive early to fill out waivers, pay, meet the coaches, and figure out how the Box works.  Take notice of whether or not weights are dropped, equipment is wiped down after the WOD, etc.  Introduce yourself and ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

·      Be Open Minded.  Coaching varies from place to place and you may be shown an alternate way to do an exercise that you might not be familiar with.  Now is not the time to say, “Well, we do it this way.”  They might actually be telling you the same thing CFF does, just in other words.

·      Communicate any injuries or exercises you’re uncomfortable with.

While your normal routine is interrupted, being away from CFF is no excuse for not working out while on vacation.  With the simpler, body weight workouts you might be doing on your own, it might even be a good time to involve other family members and workout together.  Also, if you’re like me, my day starts with my workout and I just feel better and get more done if my workout has been knocked out early on.  Finally, if you are looking for an escape from your travel companions, whomever they might be, a travel WOD or drop in is a great excuse for a little time to yourself to clear your mind.  It may keep you from ripping someone’s head off later.

If you happen to workout or travel someplace cool, send Amanda a photo.  Bonus points if you’re doing a handstand hold on the beach or back squatting a family member or friend with the Grand Canyon or some other neat place in the background.  We’ll feature your photos in a future blog article or on the CFF FB page.