Why do I CrossFit? CrossFit Frederick challenges me every day! I never thought I would be “power snatching,” rope climbing, and attempting pull-ups. I typically attend the 8:00 and 9:00 am classes, joining CFF after I retired two years ago from teaching public school, a job I enjoyed immensely. I was fortunate and slightly crazy to have had the opportunity to teach all three levels; elementary, middle, and high school! However, my favorite group has to be the crazy middle school students because they finally understand sarcasm. Maybe this is why I like CFF so much?! 


I grew up in Michigan on the many lakes, great and small. My all time favorite place to vacation is “Up North” in Glen Arbor, Michigan next to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. This area also has the BEST cherry pie ever! Spending a day outdoors is my happy place. I like to sail in fair weather, and hit the ski slopes when the snow falls. My favorite places to ski are Utah and Colorado. There is nothing more refreshing after skiing all day than to soak in a hot tub, jump in a pile of snow to cool off, and then back into the hot tub without knocking over a beverage of choice. Maybe Amanda and Dave would consider this as a new winter WOD?! I also enjoy hiking, having just completed the entire 41 miles on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, with plans to hike into Pennsylvania next. My husband, Martin and I like to hike Sugarloaf Mountain on the weekends, but during the week, my two dogs, Tiller and Hobie, are my faithful hiking pals. 

I am most proud of my family, daughters Kristina and Lisa, and my three grandchildren, at ages 8, 6, and 2. Watching the grandkids is a REAL workout! My plan this new year is to focus on making at least one pull-up and stringing together double unders.