An Ode to a Super Woman

by Geoff Rand


She woke up early, at Amanda’s prodding,

heading to CrossFit Frederick for some 5AM WODing.

In the dark of morn, she began to ride,

faithful husband Chris, right there by her side.


But up ahead in the opposite lanes, two twisted trucks,

flames and smoke, people were surely were fu…… , uh messed up.

She jumped out and sprinted ahead,

hoping to help the injured and find no one dead.


Trying to get to the opposite lanes in her rush to aid,

she quickly hopped over the barricade.

She wasted no time, not even a smidge,

but in the dark, couldn’t see this was a bridge.


It took her a second, but she quickly found,

on the other side was an absence of ground.

Falling and falling, time seemed to have stopped,

it was later determined, 75 feet she had dropped.


As she glanced up to the blackened sky,

She was thankful for great friends and loving family, and was prepared to die.

Unable to see the bottom must have been such a fear,

but fortunately she hit water, breaking the fall with her rear.


She popped to the surface, gasping for air,

disoriented, but glad she was still there.

“Where the heck could she be?” said Chris, not yet dawning on him,

that his wife was far below, taking a swim.


But the ending was near to this morning of drama,

she was found, loaded up, and flown to Shock Trauma.

What would have killed anyone else ended up being just some bruising and cracks,

and when she’s healed up, we know she’ll be back.


I know a Super Woman, one who truly inspires,

who runs towards danger, not fearing heights, smoke or fires.

Her name is Angela and for her pain I weep,

but next time I ask, please look before you leap.