We have a lot of exciting events coming up this summer and fall.  Stay tuned for more info and events.  In the meantime, here are a few events coming up just around the corner.  Please subscribe at the bottom of this page.  This will help us make sure we have your current email for future mailings.  --Geoff

2016 Lurong Challenge

We are participating in the Lurong Challenge again this year.   Registration opens for the Challenge on August 1st.  There are some great prizes for early bird registrants, if you sign up when registration opens at 2PM on August 1st.

The Lurong Challenge is a diet and fitness challenge where you earn points for things like eating right, performance on WODs, and trying recipes.  It incorporates elements similar to the CrossFit Open with national ranking of scores.  It has some major sponsors and some great prizes will be awarded throughout the Challenge.  There are individual prizes as well as team prizes that the whole Box receives.

We will be sending out more info on the Challenge soon.  For now, the Challenge starts on September 12th and ends October 30th.  Registration cost is $45.

Early bird registration starts at 2pm on August 1st! Sign up for as low as $29.95 before August 22nd.

There is so much more to the Challenge than I can fit in here.  For more info, check out the 2016 Lurong Challenge.

Chinese Weightlifting

Chinese Olympic Lifting coach, Manuel Buitrago, will be setting up a 4-week class that meets once a week on Thursdays, 6pm-7:15pm at CFF.  The cost for the 4 sessions is $160.

I attended a 2-day Ma Strength seminar taught by Coach Ma and Coach Buitrago.  In the seminar, we learned the five Chinese weightlifting tenants of Close, Fast, Low, Timing, and Stable.  During my seminar, the coaches made a slight adjustment to the percentage of weight I was putting on my forefoot as I set up for a snatch or clean, and it made a huge difference in my pulls.  That first hour of the seminar was worth the cost of the course.  The whole seminar was very useful and I learned a lot from it.

Manuel’s classes are limited to 8 people.  In the classes, expect to receive lots of individual attention where your technique will be critiqued and adjusted.   If you are looking to take your lifts to the next level, this is the course for you.

Manuel is forming his 4-week class and working out the schedule now.  Dates are not set as of yet.  Contact him for more information.  Chineseweightlifting@gmail.com

CFF 8th Anniversary - Bring a Friend All Day

We are celebrating our 8th business anniversary on Tuesday, August 9th!  We established our business in November 2007 and opened the doors to the gym on August 9th, 2008.

All members are invited to Bring their Friends and Family members to do a free WOD for any of our classes that day.  All classes offered on the 9th of August will be the WOD only; no specialty classes that day.

To say thank you to you, our awesome athletes, we are holding raffle drawings all day long during each class.  Coach Amanda or Coach Dave will draw the name of an attending member of that hour’s class at the end of each class.  Only 1 name will be drawn at each class.  Prizes will be immediately available for class.


5am class: 30 minute Canadian Deep tissue massage with Dave

6am class: $25 Power Supply Meals Gift card

8am class: 1 One Month Unlimited Membership gift certificate

9am class: $20 LifeAid Gift card (makers of FitAid)

10am class: 1 One Month Unlimited Membership gift certificate

11am class: 30 minute Nutrition consultation with Amanda

12pm class: $25 Merchandise Credit certificate

5pm class: $25 Power Supply Meals Gift card

6pm class: 30 minute Personal Training session with Amanda

7pm class: $20 LifeAid Gift card (makers of FitAid)


One name entry per member, per class.

Bonus Name entry:  One name entry for each Friend/Family member that is brought in with the member for class. If you bring 4 friends in for class then you get to enter your name 4 more times!!!

**ONLY Members are eligible to win prizes (not your friends, sorry)

CFF Staff members are not eligible to win any prizes, however their member spouses may enter to win.

You may attend as many sessions as you wish, however, if your name is drawn, you are then ineligible to win any further prizes.