Have you been wanting to work on your endurance but lack the motivation? Well, during the month of July we are offering a fun and FREE way for members to improve their running/cardio.

Here's the deal:

Four weeks. Three running divisions. Prizes every week for those who complete the weekly goals. Three grand prize drawings for those who complete their running goals EVERY week during the month. 

Beginner = 10 miles a week
Intermediate = 15 miles a week
Advanced = 20 miles a week

Week runs are Saturday through Friday.

Cut and paste template form below (scroll down) and fill it out with your running miles for the week. Then email that form to Marcy and be entered for a chance to win the weekly drawing. Marcy and Craig will draw a name after the 9 am Saturday class. 

*Members do not need to be present at the 9am Saturday class to win. But we'd love it if you were ;). Just make sure you are READY to get your photo taken with your awesome PRIZE!!!

*Members can pick whichever division they want. Members may also change divisions per week, if needed*

Prize pool will put all names, regardless of division, into one pot. Weekly prizes are based on the previous weeks goals met, however the grand prize will only be for those who complete all 4 weeks goals.

Week 1: July 1-July 8th (Ohhh snap, you guys get one extra day this week)
Week 2: July 9-July 15th
Week 3: July 16th- July 22nd
Week 4: July 23rd- July 29th


You may NOT:

NOT: count miles walked/run while doing every day life tasks (aka- tracking you distance you walk while out with your kids or at the grocery store or walking around the office)

NOT: Row. Running or Walking ONLY.

******We are doing this challenge to encourage extra running to what you may already be doing. This means, we want to see a designated time allotted to running*****

You MAY ONLY count a maximum of 2 miles, cumulative, per week, from Crossfit WODs. This means if Monday has a 400m, Tuesday does 1 mile, Wednesday has 6x 800m and Friday does Murph, you can ONLY count 2 of those miles toward your weeks' goal.

Get your friends in class and let's have some fun! Finish up your daily WOD and hit the road for a few more!

Questions?!! Email or see Coach Craig or Coach Marcy.

Running Challenge Form

Cut and paste template below and email to Coach Marcy at Marcy.Kopp@gmail.com . The deadlines to submit your running forms will be each Friday by midnight on July 8th, 15th, 22nd and the 29th.

Subject line: Running Challenge

Running Challenge Form


Week number: {Week 1? Week 2.... Ect}

Division: {Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced}

Saturday: {how many miles/partial miles}







Running during a WOD (Max possible = 2 miles): {It can NOT exceed 2 miles}

Total miles: