Everyone say "Hello" to Bobbie! She is a regular 12 pm'er with a weekly 10 am Mobility 101 class thrown in the mix. Bobbie has been with us for over a year and continues to impress us with her dedication and devotion to herself. Naturally, we were thrilled when she accepted our request to be the Athlete of the month. So, here you go...more about Bobbie!!! Thanks girl! 

1.  Time(s) you normally work out at CFF
•    12pm and Thursday mobility class at 10am.  I call it recess!
2.  Accomplishment you are proud of
•    Handstand pushups and rope climbs.  I was amazed when I saw these movements after I first began CrossFit and couldn’t imagine myself doing them.  
3.  Something we probably didn’t know about you
•    I study Italian language as a pastime (but I’m not Italian and have never been to Italy)
4.  Skill or movement you are working to perfect
•    Double unders
5.  Favorite exercise/WOD
•    Handstand pushups / Filthy Fifty

6.  What do you do for fun?
•    Cook for people, Book Club, shopping.
7.  Your occupation/what occupies the majority of your day
•    Computer Aided Design (CAD) and sales support / literature for Intervid, Security and Surveillance Systems
8.  Your dream job
•    Run a cafè with my godson.
9.  Favorite place to vacation
•    Virginia Beach or a staycation
10.  Where would you like to travel?
•    The Amalfi Coast, Italy
11.  When I want to kick a bad mood I…
•    Listen to old-time bluegrass gospel music
12.  Favorite beverage
•    Pellegrino sparkling water
13.  Favorite cheat food
•    Fried chicken (especially Popeyes)
14.  Superpower you wish you had
•    Cross my arms and blink like I Dream of Jeannie.  House cleaning – blink –  done.  Annoying person – blink –  annoying person banished to deserted island.  Burpees – blink – best time ever!
15.  When I want to relax I…..
•    Get a pedicure.
16.  Biggest pet peeve
•    People who toss cigarette butts out of their car windows.
17.  Favorite book
•    Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston
18.  Favorite movie/TV Show
•    Oh Brother Where Art Thou / Justified
19.  Hobbies/Activities
•    Cooking, gardening, reading, yoga.

20.  Any interesting/unique/special skills?
•    I do most of my own home improvements.
21.  Goal(s) you are working towards
•    None specific
22.  Pets?  [type/name(s)]
•    Two cats, Isaak and Figaro
23.  Something you could not live without
•    At some point one could find themselves without certain things, but have to go on; so nothing.  Well maybe chocolate.
24.  Favorite toy as a child
•    A stuffed panda bear  (I still have it)
25.  What city/state are you from?
•    Local girl, born and raised in Frederick
26.  Favorite class in school
•    Art
27.  Something you did as a child that got you in trouble
•    Hit my sister in the forehead with a rock while playing David and Goliath with a homemade sling (she wasn’t aware of the game)
28.  Favorite restaurant
•    Modern Asia
29.  Quote to live by
•    Those who complain the most are those most complained about.
30.  What I used to do before CrossFit
•     Make promises to start exercising at home and break them.  
31.  What else is cool/interesting/different, etc. about you?
•    I can shoot darts, pool, and guns.