1. Where are you from? Damascus, MD. 

2. Time(s) you normally work out at CFF: 8am 

3. Accomplishment you are proud of (CrossFit or otherwise) Becoming a primary examiner at work this past week. 

4. Skill or movement you are working to perfect: One day (in the far future), I would like to do a handstand 

5. Favorite exercise/WOD I have a love/hate relationship alternating between running and wall balls. 

6. What got you into CrossFit and when did you start doing CrossFit?  I was working out at another “fit” type gym, but I didn’t feel like I was getting stronger.  I wanted an exercise experience that would challenge me more and a smaller group environment.  Rather than being one of many, at CrossFit, I’m an athlete and a teammate.  I started Crossfit in June 2016. 

7. Why do you do CrossFit? As far back as I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight.  I can remember as a child not getting to wear certain clothes because they didn’t come in my size.  I joined CrossFit to help me in my battle to stay healthy.  I trip and I stumble sometimes, but with CrossFit I know I have a support system to be there for me when I pick myself back up. 

8. Your occupation/what occupies the majority of your day: I work for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Examiner in Computer Security.  What that means is I research patent applications (inventions) to see if there is anything else out there like it and determine whether or not a patent can be granted.  Then I either grant the patent or send out a rejection under various U.S. statutes. 

9. What is your dream job?  I have it!  I work from home, make my own hours and report to myself! 

10. What do you do to relax?  Take a LONNNNGGGG bath, especially after a tough CrossFit class! 

11. Favorite place to vacation and why it’s your favorite:  I grew up going to upstate New York with my family.  My mom is a New Yorker and it was always her time to show us how great the Empire state was.  We spent our summers going to Lake George, which is in the Adirondacks where internet and modern conveniences don’t come easy. 

12. Favorite cheat food: Something sweet or pizza! 

13. If you could be a character from a TV show or movie, who would it be and why? Olivia Benson from SVU.  Deep down I’ve always wanted to be a detective. 

14. What is playing on music device right now?  Maroon 5.  They’re my go-to. 

15. Hobbies/Activities:  Currently I am working on figuring out how to make healthy yet delicious food. 

16. Any interesting/unique/special skills?  My family and boyfriend always tell me I am the queen of customer service because whenever there is an issue that you need to call into customer service to be resolved, I get it done.  The service reps will tell everyone else no, but I always seem to find a way to get done what we need to get done. 

17. What is something we probably didn’t know about you?  I have my B.A. in mathematics, not because I am good at math but because I wanted a challenge in college. 

18. Any Pets?  Fiona (dog) and Shade (cat) 

19. Favorite toy as a child: 3 foot tall stuff animal of Bugs Bunny (I had a Bugs Bunny phase when I was little) 

20. What is something you did as a child that got you in trouble?  My grandparents were watching me when I was little, and I hid so they couldn’t find me.  They didn’t think it was so funny 

21. What cancelled TV show would you like to see back on the air or what movie would you like to see a sequel or remake of?  I’ll never understand why they took Happy Endings off the air.  It was amazing. 

22. What is the best present you have ever received?  Before I went to college, I wanted/needed a new/used car.  My dad purchased a 1995 Ford Escort for me to take to college for a mere 200 dollars.  It lasted me all through college plus some.  Finally my parents had to convince me to purchase “a big girl car…” which I did.. eventually.

23. What else is cool/interesting/different, etc. about you?  My main goals in life were always to have a career (not just a job) and a home before I was 30.  I just turned 29 this year and I can say that I have achieved both those goals.  Now that I have accomplished those two things, my next big goal is to get healthy and strong.  I’m glad I found CrossFit to help me achieve my next goal. 

24. Do you have a story of overcoming adversity you’d like to share?  When I first started my job at the patent office, they placed us all in a training environment for the first 4 months.  Of my group of 17, I was one of three women and the only person who did not have an engineering degree.  I was constantly doubted on whether or not I would make it past training because I “didn’t have the background.”  I was even told one time by a fellow employee that I didn’t belong there and he was surprised I made it past our first year of probation.  Five years later, I am excelling in my career and have surpassed many of the engineers I started with.  

25. Tell us about a funny incident that you experienced/happened to you.  When I first started at the patent and trademark office, we had a series of lectures and classes we had to attend as new employees.  One day, after a summer holiday weekend where I spent most of my time outside and got a sun burn (and had a pretty bad sun glasses tan), I was in a group lecture class of about 200 fellow new employees.  The lecturer stopped mid sentenced, looked directly at me and said “what did you go to a ball game or something this weekend, you’re pretty red?” I was sitting in the back and at that point in time the entire lecture hall spun around in their chairs to look at me, which of course only made me get even redder.  It was the most embarrassing moment ever!