1.  Remember Your ‘Why’

You joined CFF to be better in some way. 

Visualize what you want and who you want to be.  Create mantras to remember your ‘why.’  Speak positive words to yourself.


2.  Show up. 

Prioritize your training.  Schedule it in your calendar so nothing else can get in the way.  If this is important to you, you need to make the time.


3.  Focus on form first. 

Proper body positions must be second nature before intensity, load, and speed are added to the equation.  Impatience in this process results in injury and burnout, whereas perfect form lays the foundation for long term success in health and baddassery.


4.  Use the expertise and experience of our coaches. 

Our coaches know what they’re talking about, they care about your progress, and they are here to teach you what you need to do to meet your goals.  Follow their instructions.  And if you ever need extra help or guidance, please ask for it.  We are here for you.


5.  Eat real food

It’s simple:  Eat meat and vegetables, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  If you want to change your body composition, health, or athletic performance, you have to address nutrition.  You cannot out train your poor diet.


6.  Spend time on recovery work. 

Your body doesn’t get fitter during training; it gets fitter through the process of recovering from and adapting to training.  Recovery work includes:  resting, eating well, getting bodywork, doing mobility and flexibility work, spending time outside, and playing.


7.  Get comfortable with uncomfortable

Rise to the challenge of the task and show yourself what you’re truly capable of.  You can do whatever you decide you can do.


8.  Try to be better than you were, not better than anyone else

Get your ego out of the equation and stop comparing yourself to anyone else.  You are here to be a better version of YOURSELF.


9.  Have fun! 

Enjoy the process, not just the results, and acknowledge your accomplishments on the way.


10.  Understand that this is a lifelong journey. 

There are no shortcuts or magic pills.  You just need to take one step forward at a time.  Be patient and know that you can achieve your goals with a long-term outlook.


Adapted from crossfitsantarosa.com

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