Coach Craig’s shirt says it all.

Coach Craig’s shirt says it all.


A. Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes:
5 Pendlay Rows with Barbell
Increase loads.
*Compare to 01/31/19.

B. 5 rounds, each for time, 500-meter Rowing Sprint (d.s. 4.5)
rest:work is 1:1.
*Compare to 07/11/13.

Post loads for part A and times for part B to Members area.


“Arms & Abs #2”

Tempo for ALL ARM exercises is 3122.

1) 4 sets:
Alternating DB Curls x 8 per side
Single DB OH Triceps Extension x 8
DB Side Bends x 15 per side (lighten the load)

2) 3 sets:
BB Drag Curls x 6
Skull crushers with straight bar x 6
100 Crunches

3) 3 sets:
Z-bar Preacher Curl x 15
Bench Dips (a.k.a. box dips) x 8
50 Leg Raises with Hip Lift

Post loads to Members area. Compare to 02/21/19.