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A. "Core-Blaster #1"
For time:
50 Hollow rocks
50 Leg Raises with hip lift
50-meters Inch worm
50 Superman’s
50 V-Ups
50 Superman Rocks
50 Side Lunges, a.k.a. lateral lunge (load, optional)
50 Bicycle Crunches
50 Russian Twists with PVC or barbell in back rack position
50 Mountain Climbers, CFF style, not 4-count

B. Strength 101:
“Dumbbell Fun_2”
Cross-Body Extensions 3x15/side
Concentration Curls 3x12/side
Cross-Body Curls, 3x15/side
Bent-Over Laterals, 3x12
Upright Dumbbell Row, 3x25
Lateral Raises, 3x10
Front Dumbbell Raise, alt. arms 3x12/side
*Increase load each set. Athlete must complete a set of each exercise before resting. Three total giant sets to be completed. Rest 2 minutes between each giant set. 
*Compare to 2/24/17.

Post time for part A and loads for part B to Members Area or comments.