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A. 5 rounds for time with 30 seconds ON and 30 seconds OFF*:
20 Jumping Lunges
20 Meter Handstand Walk
6 Bar Muscle-ups

*The athlete will begin the workout at the call of “go”. Completing as much as possible of the 1st exercise in 30 seconds and then resting 30 seconds, until desired distance or reps are completed.  The athlete may move immediately into the next exercise during the 30 seconds ON but must stop and rest during the 30 seconds OFF. 
*Compare to 5/22/18.

B. Strength 101:
“Dumbbell Fun” for loads. 
Arnold Press 3x12. 
Chest Press 3x8. 
Reverse Flye 3x5. 
Bent Over Row 3x12. 
Hammer Curls, alternating arms 3x14. 
Tricep Extension, single DB. 3x12.
*Compare to 4/3/18. Increase load each set. Rest 90 seconds between sets. 

Post time for part A and loads for part B to Members Area or comments.