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A. 100 Inverted Burpees for time.
*Compare to 9/1/16. 20-minute time cap.

B. Every minute for 30 minutes for total reps:
1st minute: Crunches (reps)
2nd minute: Deadbugs, right arm back (reps)
3rd minute: Barbell Roll-out(reps)
4th minute: Deadbugs, left arm back (reps)
5th minute: Toes to Barbell (reps)
6th minute: Deadbugs, both arms back (reps)

C. Strength 101:
“Arms #4”
1) Tempo Barbell Curl, false grip, 8x8 @ 41X2
    Tempo Overhead Tricep Extension w/Med Ball, 7x10 @ 21X1
    Rest 1 minute, increase loads.
2) Tempo Dumbbell Hammer Curl, alternate arms, 6x8 @ 32X1
    Tempo Dips (rings or stationary), 7x5 @ 21X2
    Rest 1 minute, increase loads.

Post time for part A, total reps for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.