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A. 150 Medicine Ball Cleans (20#/12#) for time.
*6-minute time cap. Compare to 4/24/12. 

B. Power Cleans, 5 sets of 3 reps
*3 warm-up sets to build to load.
*Load stays the same for all 5 sets.
*1-minute rests. 20-minute time cap.
*Compare to 12/13/17.

C. Strength 101:
“Shoulders #5”
4-total sets. 4-minute rests between sets, not exercises. Increase loads where able.
Seated Barbell Military Press
12-10-10-8 reps
Side Lateral Raise
12-12-10-8 reps
Seated Bent Over Rear Lateral Raise
12-10-10-8 reps
Upright Barbell Row
12-10-10-8 reps
25-25-25-25 reps


Post time for part A, loads for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.