“Heads or Tails”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
50 Doubleunders
Heads = 50 Sit-ups OR Tails = 50 Push-ups
Heads = Run 400 meters OR Tails = 25 Toes to bar
Heads = 20 Burpees OR Tails = 5 Wall Walk-ups
Heads = 20 Deadlifts (LTBD) OR Tails = 20 Pull-ups

*The athlete will be given a penny before class. The penny will be used by the athlete to determine which exercise they will do. If the athlete flips the coin and it lands with the “head” side up, they will do the movement listed, if the coin lands on the “tail” side up, they will do that movement listed. The 50 Doubleunders will be the start of each new round.

Post total rounds completed to the Members Area or comments.