8AM Class:
A) 8 mins to work up to a heavy 3 rep deadlift (touch & go, no resting at the bottom)

B) 10 rounds for time:
10 DL (70% of 3 rep from part A)
10 Toes to bar
10 bar facing burpees
*30 min cap*

9AM Class:
With an 8 min running clock:
200 double unders/400 singles
Remaining time: shoulder to overhead (95/65)
*rest 3 min*

With a 7 min running clock:
100m shuttle runs, burpee every 10m
Remaining time: power cleans
*rest 3 min*

With a 6 min running clock:
100 backward single jumpropes
Remaining time: wall walk ups

Score: s2o, power clean, wall walk up reps

Post load for part A, time for part B and reps for 9AM to Members Area or comments.