Reminder: NO 7AM, 8AM or 12PM classes today!!!


A. Complete as many rounds as possible in 35 minutes:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, increase load
rest 1 minute
6 Slam Ball Over the Shoulder (50lb/25lb)
rest 1 minute
9 per arm, Kettlebell High Pulls (LTBD)
rest 1 minute
12 Dumbbell Squat Cleans (LTBD)
rest 1 minute
**no dropping the kettlebell or dumbbells

B. Mobility 101 @ 10AM:
Point of Interest: Glutes and Hamstrings

C. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
The Clean:
Focus on First Pull with Straight Arms
Drills/Skill Work
Lift Off (Clean Dead Lift)
Dip Shrug
Vertical Jumps
3 rounds of 1 minute per movement

EMOM 18 min for skill & load:
1 Clean Dead
1 Clean Dead + Shrug
1 Power Clean
1 Squat Clean
*Compare to 02/07/16.

Post loads/reps for part A and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.