A. Deadlift 5RM, 15-minute time cap. Touch-n-go. 
*Compare to 01/02/18.

B. 31-21-11 reps for time:
DB Thrusters (LTBD)
DB Push-up + Row/side
*Compare to 04/23/17.

C. Strength 101 at 10AM & 6PM:
Upper Arms:
Superset: Barbell Drag Curls
                 DB Lying Tricep Extensions
                 5 sets of 15,10,8,6,4 reps for loads
Rest 2 minutes between supersets. 
Superset: Alternating, DB Hammer Curls
                Tricep Kickbacks
                5 sets of 8 reps per arm for loads
Rest 2 minutes between
Glutes and Hips:
100 per leg: 
Lying Side Leg Raises with back against the wall
100 Prone Lower body leg raise
*Compare to 01/15/18.

Post 5RM load for part A, time/DB load for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.