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A. Ninety (90) seconds at each station with a 1-minute break between sets. 4 total rounds.

Handstand Push-ups, reps
Double Kettlebell Deadlift (LTBD), reps
Strict Chin-ups, reps
Medicine Ball Cleans, reps

Record total reps and loads. Load stays the same.

B. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
Deck of Cards – Abdominals for time.

Face Cards: 10-count
Ace Cards: 11-count
Numbered Cards: Face value

Hearts: Squirms
Diamonds: V-ups
Spades: Flutter kicks, 4ct.
Clubs: Russian twist with plate
1st – Plank hold for 2 minutes
2nd – 400 meter Walk with Plate Overhead

Post total reps/load used for A and time for B to Members Area or comments.