Roman chairs & Lateral Jumps at 6:00 am!

Roman chairs & Lateral Jumps at 6:00 am!


A. Jefferson Curl 5x5. LTBD. Rest 90 seconds.
This is a spinal flexion and extension exercise that is performed to increase range of motion with the trunk. Full range of motion (ROM) is the goal, not heavy loads.
*Compare to 04/13/17.

B. Run a 5K or Row a 5K for time.
*Compare to 12/30/15.

C. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
5 sets. 3-5 minute rests between sets. Increase load. Slow and controlled.
Arnold Press x 12
Side Lateral Raise x 8
Upright Row x 8
Behind the Neck Press x 10
Bent Over Lateral Raise x 10
Front Dumbbell Raise, seated x 12, alt. arms
Shrugs x 20
*Compare to 05/24/17.

Post loads for A, time for B and loads for C to Members area or comments.