Schedule reminder, the Team WOD today will be replaced with an Endurance WOD beginning June 3rd at 9:00 am. 


8:00 am: Station Play: 3 rounds- 2mins at each station:

Tire Flips
Sledge hammer hits
Hill Sprints
Walking Lunges
200m Sprints

9:00 am Team WOD:

Team Station Play:
AMRAP in 30mins of:
Tire Flips
Sledge Hammer Hits
Walking Lunges
S2O with plates
Sit Ups

P1 works at 1st station while P2 runs 3 Hills Sprints. When P2 has completed 3 Hill Sprints, P1 and P2 will switch. P2 will repeat the same station. Once both athletes have completed each station, they will move on to the next station.

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