A. Every minute for 12 minutes do:
12 x 10-meter, Shuttle Runs, 2-hand touch

B. Every minute for 14 minutes:
8 Front Rack, Back Step Lunges (LTBD)
*Compare to 01/10/17.

C. Mobility 101 @ 10AM:
Point of Interest: The Iliotibial Band

D. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
1) Weighted Hip Extensions, 3 x 12, *increase load each set.
2) Tempo - Prone DB Row on the GHD, 3x8 @4212, neutral grip, *increase load each set.
3) BB Reverse Bicep Curl, 3x10, no bouncing, *increase load each set.
*increasing load should only occur if the proper range of motion is achieved for the exercise. 
*Compare to 01/20/17.

Post completion for part A, loads for part B and loads for part D to Members Area or comments.