"Ivan the Terrible", 11/26/2017.

"Ivan the Terrible", 11/26/2017.


A. EMOM for 10 minutes:
Behind the Neck Press x 4 reps
Load stays the same. 
*Compare to 11/08/16.

B. 4 rounds for time:
Box Jumps (30”/24”) x 6 reps
Hang, Kettlebell High Pull (70lb/50lb) x 12 reps
*Compare to 05/10/16.

C. Strength 101 @ 6PM:  “Arms”
3 sets. 3-minute rests between sets, not exercises. Increase load. Slow and controlled.
Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl x 8
Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curl x 6 per arm
Concentration Curl, dumbbell x 8 per arm
Lying Triceps Extension x 10
Close Grip Bench Press x 12
Lying Cross Face Triceps Ext. x 8 per arm
*Compare to 10/13/17.

Post load for part A, time, box height, load for part B and loads for part C to Members Area or comments.