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A. Kettlebell Clean and Jerk x 100 reps for time.
Alternate sides. (50lb/35lb). 
Time cap: 8-minutes. *Compare to 03/06/15.

B. At 8-minute mark, do 200 Backward Jump rope for time. *4-minute time cap.

C. At 12-minute mark do 100 Kettlebell, hand-to-hand swings, alternate sides for time. (50lb/35lb). *3-minute time cap. 

D. At 15-minute mark do 300 Single Jump rope for time. *2-minute time cap. 

E. AMRAP 5-minutes, Kettlebell Wall-Balls (50lb/35lb).

F. Strength 101 @ 6PM:
“The Chest #3”
8 Supersets of:
Dumbbell Flyes x 12
Dips x 10
Increasing load on the flyes if able. 
Rest 3 minutes between supersets. No rest between exercises. 

Post separate times for part A, part B, part C, part D and total reps completed for part E, as well as, loads for part F to Members Area or comments.