The Fall Team Challenge hosted by Concept 2 starts today!!! This challenge is easy, especially if you love rowing or even if you dislike it (we must work on the things we don't like). The requirements are simple;  row either 100,000 or 200,000 meters in 30 days. If you were to break that down; you'd need to row a 5K-5 times a week to reach the 100,000 meter goal. (this is the one I'm shooting for!). You'll need to create a profile at, join the challenge and join the team (CrossFit Frederick).

We'll make it pretty easy to get those meters in by programming rowing in the WODs. If the WOD has running then you can always row to watch those meters accumulate. I mean if you’re going to row in a WOD you mine as well have those meters’ count towards something, right!?! Or you can come in early, or stay late to build up those meters. 

PLUS, if we have at least 10 people on our team row 100,000 meters then our gym (box) will get entered into the random drawing for a NEW ROWER! We won last year and would love to have a go at it again THIS YEAR.

In addition, did I mention it's FREE!?!

So, select 20 hours worth of podcasts that will keep your derriere on the rower to help YOU reach your goal and help THE TEAM have a chance at a new rower! We’d love to have you on the team!




A. Rowing technique review and warm-up.

B. Five rounds for time of:
     25 Thrusters 95lb/65lbs
     500-meter Row
*Compare to 04/02/10.

C. Mobility WOD @ 10:00 am:
     Point of Interest: Pec/Anterior Deltoid

D. Strength 101 @ 6:00 pm:
     Powerlifting Total: 1RM Back Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press
     The following rep scheme will be applied each lift:
     20 (empty barbell)-5-5-3-3-2-1-1-1
     Rest 2 minutes between sets.

Post time and loads to Members Area or comments.