A. Every minute for 12 minutes:
     1st minute: 10-meters of an Overhead Walking Lunge (OHWL) holding a plate (25lb/10lb)
     2nd minute: Russian Twist with same plate from OHWL x 45 seconds
     3rd minute: Push-ups x 10

B. Eight sets of 5 Back Squats + 10 Lunges (Stationary/Alternating legs) + 15 Good Mornings
     Rest 1 minute between sets. Increase load.
*Compare to 10/01/14.

C. Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
     4 x 10-meter shuttle runs + 3 Burpees

D. Mobility 101 @ 10:00 am:
     Points of Interest: Hip Flexor/IT Band/Quadriceps

E. Strength 101 @ 6:00 pm:
     Split Snatch – find your 1RM or 3RM per side.
*Compare 12/22/15.

Post loads and rounds to Members Area or comments.

Nice back squat Georgia!

Nice back squat Georgia!