YOGA @ 10:15 this morning. This is a great opportunity for the Active Recover day. So come in and get your STRETCH ON!!! Gabby is an awesome instructor with the ability to adapt any movement to the athletes ability level. $10 for Members and $20 for the Public.


8AM Class:
As many rounds and reps and possible in 25 minutes of:
5 Deadlifts (LTBD)
4 Power Clean
3 Squat Clean
2 front Squat
1 Squat Jerk
50 double unders

When done....
1.5-mile Indian Run
Class break into 2 groups. Stay in a single file line, person in back of line has to sprint to the front. Once that person is in front, person in back sprints to the front. Repeat until 1.5 miles is completed.

For time- teams of 2 complete the following-
400 meter run together
100 see-saw Back Squats (135/95)
80 see-saw burpees
60 see-saw wall balls (20/14, 10'/9')
40 see-saw pull-ups
20 see-saw HSPU
400 meter run together

Post rounds/reps/load and/or time to Members Area or comments.

Hannah (thrusters) and Andrew (rope), 31 Heroes WOD.

Hannah (thrusters) and Andrew (rope), 31 Heroes WOD.