Yin-yasa Yoga is replacing the Power Vin-yasa Yoga starting this Saturday, July 2nd.

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A.      Every minute for 20 minutes:
1st minute: Standing Broad jumps x 4, going for max distance each jump
2nd minute: Ring Push-ups x 8 reps
3rd minute: Hollow body to Superman side roll, 45 seconds
4th minute: Plank hand hold, right side, 45 seconds
5th minute: Plank hand hold, left side, 45 second

Rest 5 minutes after 20 minutes is completed.

B.      Skill: Headstand practice for 10 minutes.

C.      Complete as many repetitions as possible in 7 minutes of:
          *Athlete’s chest and thighs must touch the floor at the bottom of the burpee and must jump onto a 45lb plate, fully extending their hip and knee, on top of the plate.

**Compare to 12/23/15.

D.     Mobility 101 @ 10 am:
Point of Interest – The Shoulders

E.      Strength 101 @ 6 pm:
Back Squats 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for load. Increase load each set. Rest 2 minutes.
Hill Sprints, on the hill in the business park. Every minute for 15 minutes do 1 Hill Sprint ascent, walk back down the hill and rest, until the next minute.  

Record your scores from the day to the Members Area.