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0800: "Rankel" 20min Amrap-
6 DL (225/155)
7 burpees
10 KB swings (70/50)
200m. Run

Rest 5 min. Then:

EMOM for 6 min.
Minute 1: :45 sec. pull up grip hold
Minute 2: :45 sec. Plank hold (elbows)

0900: Team of 2 complete for time:
3 line runs each (relay style) (cone @ 10m/20m/30m)
30 squat cleans (135/95) (cumulative-relay style)
30 tire jumps in/out (cumulative-relay style)
30 Team burpees in unison
30 Ball slams (cumulative-relay style)

Team mile run holding slam ball (1 slamball per team, pass it back and forth as needed)

Record scores to Members Area.